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Recently, Games Operators S.A notify that they are released the Android version of 112 Operator. The original game was developed on the PC and Console platform and has received a lot of love from the fans. Can the Android version achieve the same success?

Introduce about 112 Operator

On the Google Play home page, you can find 112 Operator. It is a paid game for $2.99, excluding ads and premium packages in the content. But on our website, you can install the game without paying any fees!

Experience to become a rescue operator

As the title of the game suggests, 112 Operator is a rescue simulation game. You will operate at the headquarters, take in requests from people in the city and send lifeguards to the respective area for processing.

112 Operator screenshot


Have you ever thought about evacuating people to a safe area when a cataclysm is about to unfold? Will you start with sending out announcements or sending in a rescue team and evacuating everyone immediately? But before thinking about that, you need to consider some other factors such as weather, traffic situation to choose the best route. If not, things will get extremely bad when your rescue team is late.

The controls of the game are very intuitive. On the main screen, you can see the map of the entire city. The corresponding accidents will be displayed, you just need to click and select the corresponding rescue team. In addition, there are also many emergency situations. The victim will make a direct phone call and provide information. You can accept the call or reject it. Of course, the operators of 112 Operator aim for the positives. If you can afford it, no calls will be rejected, no victims will be left behind.

Experience real life situations

In fact, accidents often happen. A fire, car accident, urgent emergency from a patient’s apartment or even a bank robbery. They will take place in 112 Operator, and how do you come up with a response to quickly save victims from danger?

112 Operator simulated these situations practically. Problems keep going and people need your support. People can feel more secure, the city will become more peaceful and more developed.

However, there are also many fake situations, coming from bad citizens. They want to tease the rescuers. So, pay more attention to whether the information they provide is real or fake, to save time and help those who really need you.

Add essential tools

It is important to control the situation in the 112 Operators. But, this is tied to a number of factors, including your ability to operate, the force of the rescue team and the support tools such as vehicles, emergency supplies, firefighting tools, etc.

Fortunately, you can find them in the store. Unlock items and tools to make rescue work faster and cover the entire city.

In terms of force, initially, you had only one emergency team and a five-member firefighter squadron. But you know, the city has more problems than an accident or a fire. Arresting criminals is also essential. That helps people to feel more secure about social security. Up to a certain point, you can afford to unlock the police force. Coordinate them to arrest criminals, minimize bank robberies and thefts.

About vehicles, this factor is very important. It is related to job processing speed and traffic situation. Did you see that it’s different to travel by helicopter and car? The patient can die while the ambulance is still stuck in traffic. A helicopter would reduce the risk, save time, and save his life. In addition, the game also has a lot of vehicles such as cars, fire trucks, ambulances, … to help you have more choices in rescue.

Download 112 Operator APK for Android

It seems that the topic of rescue has not been explored much by the publishers. The developer of 112 Operator was a pioneer, and they have probably seen success with this game. You are being given the opportunity to become an emergency rescue operator. Take requests from your people and allocate forces to solve the ongoing problems in the city.

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