3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures OBB 2.6 for Android

3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures is a 3D adventure game from the publisher Yellow Leaf Studio. In the game, your only mission is to find your way out of the beautiful but confusing mazes.

Introduce about 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures

Gently guide Poko through the maze!

The reason why you go to the mazes

The mazes are not only roads, or small, winding paths, nor simply a way to escape when facing a hard situation that movies often talk about. You may not believe but the mazes are sometimes a way to clear your mind to let go of worries and stress. By focusing your mind on winding paths and remembering the location, your mind will only focus here without worrying about anything else. Especially for children, the maze is an addictive game because it stimulates curiosity and exercises their memory in a very calm and stress-free way.

It is true with the maze in the game. Recently, I accidentally discovered a pretty cool maze-themed game, with a very cute and beautiful design: 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures.

3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures tells the story of Poko Mushroom’s maze trips. The game is for all ages because it is really gentle and interesting. After playing, you will feel extremely relaxed. You may not have to race with anyone, not having to use any moves, and not having any enemies. There are just you and the beautiful fantasy mazes.

The game is poetic and cute for you to both play and immerse yourself

The publisher of this Indie game 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures currently offers 25 different mazes. Each one is a different poetic scene including desert, deep forest, snowy mountain, rain field, ocean, four-season scenery, swamp, cave, … Just looking at each maze, you can feel that it was created by a lot of enthusiasm and creativity. This creates a great appeal to the game itself and finds a lot of empathy in the players: the game is sometimes a light walk. Just free your soul and find ordinary pleasures in the game.

Although it is simple to play, it also has many interesting things. For example, you can choose how to control the character, which is especially useful for both right- and left-handed people. You can also choose the difficulty to challenge yourself. The higher you go, the denser the mazes appear with the distinguishing of stops, and more obstacles.

The game lets you shift the perspective a bit, but everything you do is in a third-person perspective, sometimes deeper, wider, sometimes closer, and zoomed straight into Baby Mushroom. Depending on the specific situation and needs, you can adjust the angle of view accordingly. In general, all the challenges are just that. It can be clearly seen the message here: No need to surpass anyone, just surpass yourself!

Graphics and pacing of the game

Graphics are an extremely attractive point of this maze adventure game. The 3D movement is very smooth and gentle. Lovable Poko walks slowly step by step as if there’s no rush. Even his jumping over obstacles is super cute. Looking at such a cute main character, you may automatically adjust your working rhythm. To be honest, when I started playing it, the first thought in my mind was “Why is it so leisurely, I also want to live a carefree life like it”.

You will not feel like you have to struggle with time with continuous clicks and touches like many modern mobile phones’ games. There’s also nothing behind your back that forces you to get tired of running. Just slowly find your way out (which you will eventually find) and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature scenes on the way.

Who is the game for?

This is one of the rare games that I install on a tablet for my kids to play at home. Its cuteness, simplicity, and gentleness will definitely be a good thing for my child to exercise her patience and observation ability.

As for adults, those of you who love speed games, fighting wildly, I think it can be a bit difficult unless you want to try a game that is completely opposite to your style. For those who like slow-paced puzzle-style games, finding objects, or slow adventures, this is absolutely a must-try game. I promise you will really have moments of relaxation and satisfaction when playing this game.

Download 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures APK for Android

It is such a nice game with good design and music. By playing it, you will feel like doing yoga. So comfortable, simple, and gentle! Anyone can play it, I find it especially good for children. Let’s download 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures for your children to try and play it too. Always relaxing!

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