3D Tennis 1.8.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hello everyone, do you guys do any sports these days? Everyone must have been without sports activities for a long time because of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, right? So today I will introduce everyone to 3D Tennis MOD APK, a tennis game to relax during the days at home.

Introduce about 3D Tennis

The first mobile tennis game with an ultra-standard 3D physics simulation.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to choosing a tennis game to play. Partly because I tried a few and was quite unsatisfied. Some games are too cartoonish and childish. Some games just focus on techniques that make the whole game like a tedious lesson. And some games just focus on the game and forgetting about the feeling of simulation is what is needed. There is only one game that can do the 3D physics as you want, balance the elements of competition and theory: 3D Tennis.

Three reasons you should play 3D Tennis

First, 3D Tennis is the only tennis game on mobile with 3D physics simulation. This game is the most realistic simulation tennis game I have ever played. It has a fast and flexible control mechanism that you can rarely see on other sport games. Most of the action you do is just swipe the screen with your fingers to choose to hit the ball and cut the ball.

Honestly, there are still some tennis games that have the same 3D visuals. But 3D Tennis is a rather special case. This is a game that in my opinion has the most standard, clear, and effective 3D physics effects. It’s not just about displaying images with a beautiful 3D style, but also in the fact that the game smoothly combines the player’s control with the “realistic” feeling taking place on the tennis court while playing. Finally, it gives a feeling of reality that you feel like you are holding a racket standing on a tennis court.

For example, when the ball comes, you touch the ball to catch it, the screen appears exactly as the intention is in your head. The feel of the ball in flight, bouncing up when it hits the court, then bouncing back when it hits your opponent’s racket… Everything is like in real life. This combination happens logically and is very true in reality. The first attraction of this game comes from this point. Surely the whole game design team who are not tennis experts would have been trained in a good tennis course, otherwise, it would not be possible to do everything so neatly and accurately.

The famous tennis players that you will see

Famous tennis players like Djokovic, Nadal, Medvedev, Dominic Thiem, Federer, Shapovalov are maybe no longer strange to you, even if you don’t play tennis, you will see them at least once on TV. Now in 3D Tennis, you will become them, in turn, go through each match and win the highest achievement for your country. real players always bring more motivation and a fighting spirit. It’s been a tough fight, but you can win and take home major medals and titles with steel spirit and top-notch tennis skills.

The graphic is amazing, satisfying the high spirit of sports

Warming up your love of tennis during this quarantine by playing 3D Tennis is a way for you to keep your passion burning. By the way, you can practice theoretical techniques at home. After playing, I realized that there are many tricks I don’t know or have never been applied in a real match. After the epidemic, when I go back to the tennis court, I will try some interesting tricks learned in the game to see what the results are.

Sound is a pretty big dose of doping. The cheers and applause from the stands will make you feel the real excitement of each match. The surrounding space is therefore also much more vibrant.

The way to play and the way you participate in each tennis match in this game are interesting and attractive but let gently play in the style of playing and entertaining, just like the spirit of tennis. Tennis is for entertainment and enjoyment, not for fierce competition and loss of mind. Therefore, the rhythm of the game in 3D Tennis is quite slow.

MOD APK version of 3D Tennis

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download 3D Tennis MOD APK for Android

3D Tennis has an effective physics simulation mechanism, you will feel like you are participating in a tennis match in real life. Having this game at home also makes you miss the tennis court less. Let try to play this exciting game.

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