456 Survival Challenge 0.0.12 MOD APK for Android

456 Survival Challenge APK from the publisher PHOENIX GAME STUDIOS can be considered as Squid Game mobile version, one of the games based on the super famous movie Squid Game. It has good quality and is worth learning and experiencing. If you are a fan of the movie, there is no reason to ignore it.

Introduce about 456 Survival Challenge

Squid game mobile version: Be careful or you will get crazy!

Many games follow Squid Games, but few of them are of good quality

When a high-quality movie or artwork appears, many crowd effects appear too. And if it is a great success, it will immediately bring along a series of follow-up products. These products have a variety of approaches and different qualities. As in the case with Pokemon, you know, there are so many follow-up products such as movies, games, toys, school supplies, stationery, home decorations, clothes, shoes, hats, and everything.

Recently, a wave arose from the movie Squid Game from Korea. The story revolves around the brutal and crazy hobby of the rich, inhumane people. They set up a “playing club”, gathering the most desperate people who have no way to fight and live more miserable than death. They take them to an island to participate in a mortal arena where only one person can survive 6 turns of the game and take home a huge amount of money. Those rich people will sit outside shaking their thighs watching the deaths, enjoying deadly situations, seeing players trampling, killing each other to win the only ticket to escape death and open a new life.

456 Survival Challenge screenshot


After the movie was released on Netflix, it received a rain of compliments. Everyone is talking about the Squid Game everywhere. Not only because of the unique motif that first appeared on the Korean screen, but also because of the idea of ​​the life and death game rounds in the movie. Each round of these miserable players is a rustic folk game. They are children’s games that everyone has played in childhood, although with different names. They are children’s games, but their results are catastrophic with a series of bloody and tearful deaths. It is this twist that makes the film successful. It touches the hearts of many, even the coldest.

The movie is so successful, so, understandably, it will bring along a series of mobile games with the same theme. Several months have passed since the last episode of the movie closed, and up to now, there have been dozens of games following this trend. The common point is to capture the heat of the movie and bring temporary excitement to players. Sounds like “instant noodles”, right? But fortunately, among the series of games like this, a few are worth your attention and experience. I temporarily call it high-quality instant noodles. And it is 456 Survival Challenge.


In the same context as the movie above, 456 Survival Challenge will throw you into the arena with 456 participants in total. In turn, the group will go through dramatic rounds of life and death. Your goal is to be the only survivor and take the game’s huge prize money. Compared to other games, I highly recommend 456 Survival Challenge because of two points. First, it can simulate in detail the games that have appeared in the movie. Second, the image of the characters is only in pixel form, but the movement is quite smooth and reasonable, and the physics simulation is also very good.

In total, when participating in this mortal game, you will go through the main levels, corresponding to the classic games:

  • Red light green light game: all 456 people will have the goal of running to the finish line before 1 minute time ends. But when running, the monstrous, yellow-clothed Doll will sing (corresponding to the green light), now you have to move quickly and firmly. And when the doll stops singing (corresponding to red light), you will have to stop, not move for any reason, or you will be shot to death. And whoever doesn’t reach the finish line after the time limit will also die. In general, after this round, the number of participants will decrease a lot.
  • Sugar candy splitting game: the player touches the sugar candy pieces, following the pre-cut lines outside a certain shape, until the desired shape is separated without being broken. If you break it or do it too late than the time allowed, the ending you already know: death.
  • Play tug of war: It is different from the above two games where you play as a single player. Playing tug of war, the entire remaining number of people will be divided into different teams, pairing, and fighting with any team. Your task in this game is to continuously swipe the screen to help your team win the opponent team.
  • Walk on Glass Bridge: This is the most challenging game in the mini-games series of 456 Survival Challenge. Mainly, the ability to remember will determine the winner or loser. Everyone will line up to cross a long bridge with two sides and each side is divided into small squares. One of the two squares in the same row will be tempered glass where you can comfortably step your feet. The other is normal glass, just stepping on it you will immediately fall into the abyss. You will know the location of the tempered glass panels in a very short time and are forced to memorize all of them exactly.

With just one wrong step, you will end up dead, immediately kill yourself, or get shot. Then immediately being carried away by the henchmen of the arena.

And soon there will be many more interesting games planned to be included. Feel free to show off your talent.

Game 456 Survival Challenge is also attractive in multiplayer mode. You can invite family and friends to join the game to make the game more thrilling.

Download 456 Survival Challenge APK for Android

The interface is not too excellent, but it is neat, easy to understand. The movement is smooth, reasonable. The game has good simulation, moderate rhythm, and many small attractive details. It’s worth playing, guys.

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