Adventure Reborn v1.42 APK + MOD (Unlocked All Chapters)

Published by Dali Games: adventure games, Adventure Reborn is both a role-playing adventure and a mysterious puzzle game. The context of the post-apocalyptic world with countless shocking secrets is waiting for you ahead. Let’s go!

Introduce about Adventure Reborn

The World’s Last Hope


In the beginning was a rather desolate landscape, Hope and her parents were waiting for the last train to leave a group of people who were seemingly a mysterious cult. You are Hope, a name alone is enough to imagine the desperate situation that is about to happen in your life. While Hope (you) was wandering around looking for some clues, the cult’s henchmen, led by Dr. Frank, came and kidnapped her parents. Hope then came back and was very shocked to see that her parents were gone. Knowing immediately who was behind everything, the tenacious little girl began to plan, followed even the smallest traces to find and rescue her family.

Unlike many other puzzle games, you must go from zero to find out who the villain is or who is behind all the wrongs. In Adventure Reborn, the final boss appears at the very beginning, Dr. Frank with the mask (and also his deformed face) has created an obsession in the intro, before kidnapping Hope’s parents. Along with that appearance, a series of questions arise.

What is the relationship between the Hope family and the cult? And why were her parents being chased by Frank? Who is Dr. Frank really and what is the Crow cult that supports him up to? Is this ruined world part of the consequences? And who is Hope, little girl, in that plan? It is this series of questions that motivates the player to play the role of Hope to go through many different locations to find the answer for all.

The puzzle system is so big

The first thing that can be seen is that the puzzles and challenges in Adventure Reborn are very systematic, highly logical, and well-guided. The general rule is that you must do something to get what you need and sometimes you can get even more. For example, in the situation where Hope wants to hear some conversations between Frank’s henchmen, she has to help the witch fix the old Radio.

If you want to fix the radio, you must find the circuit board and two batteries. After fixing the Radio, you can immediately hear them talking to each other (what you want). At the same time, a scowling man who was imprisoned in the witch’s house, now spontaneously initiates a conversation to introduce himself as having worked for Hope’s father. Then some interesting information is revealed (what you get more) after Hope finds food for him. Then the next quest will open.

So, everything intertwines, leads, and connects in a strange but convincing way. The big puzzle interspersed between countless small challenges will make you go from one surprise to another. And you will never want to stop.

NPCs are numerous and logical, all of which are clues to many other clues in the story

The game has a lot of side characters. And whether they are good or bad, they all have something in common that is more or less related to the Crow cult and Dr. Frank or Hope’s parents. Do not ignore the icons to talk to them. Try to listen to every detail as sometimes it contains a certain answer to the challenge you are trying to overcome.

The shape of these characters is also quite attractive. Everyone has their own style. They do not help much with the puzzle because most of us have to do it ourselves. But talking, listening to information, or sometimes just a piece of memory from them, will help you a lot when it comes to putting things together and revealing a hint for an answer. In general, stay active when you see any dialog boxes appear. You will only gain, not lose.


The game is designed in a click-and-point style, which means that you only need to touch and choose to play. The game gives a series of problems and puzzles, and you are the one to find the answers to overcome all the challenges.

The space is bleak, full of death, and the dark and desolate landscape covers the entire game. But on that gloomy background, the main character and events emerge as a bright spot of hope.

The sound

The sound is another unique part of Adventure Reborn. You can hear the attractive voice acting of each different character. They all more or less show the personality of that person. For example, the death row inmate has a growling and scowling voice, Frank’s henchmen have a menacing whisper, and Hope’s voice is clear and lovely. One annoying point is that the sounds are repetitive.

When you have not found the answer and are struggling between objects, the sentence “I don’t think that’s it” keeps loud every time you try and fail. Sounds crazy, right? Hopefully, in the next versions, the developer will remove these “mood-down” sentences; instead, just an “ee” sound (or an x ​​sign) to show the answer is not correct is enough.

The background music is generally good and deep, bringing a suspense effect. The sounds of objects when you interact or use them to solve puzzles sound quite real. Not so much compared to puzzle games now but at the right time, in the right situation, and at the right volume, making a good gaming experience.

MOD APK version of Adventure Reborn

MOD feature

Unlocked All Chapters

Download Adventure Reborn MOD APK for Android

The game has a touching story with many knots and good puzzles which are deep but not too difficult. Moreover, the characters have flexible movements in deep graphics. Such a great game worth playing during these stay-at-home days.

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