Ailment MOD APK 4.0.7 (Unlimited Money)

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Introduce about Ailment

Ailment is an action game with a unique pixel graphics. It has a classic atmosphere, reminiscent of many people’s childhood memories, while providing a unique storyline, set in the future.

Ailment was released at the end of 2019 by Ivan Panasenko. It has received a lot of popularity and has also become one of the best indie games of the year. The game is also released on the PC and Console platforms as a paid subscription. But now you can experience it on your Android phone without paying any fee with the version we provide.


Ailment takes place in the future when people are trying to travel through space in search of new life. In one galaxy a great storm happened. This causes the protagonist’s ship to crash. When he regained consciousness, he noticed irregularities. He cannot remember a thing, while all the crew are infected with a disease, making them terrifying corpses.

The main character tries to contact the mother ship to seek help. But he faces immediate dangers, tries to remember what happened and find his way out of the current ship.

Survival and searching for memories

The main character’s spaceship suddenly becomes a dire battlefield. All of his teammates have become corpses and he must fight to survive, and find the truth of what happened.

The system provides you with a semi-automatic machine gun and a pistol. By moving and pressing the Aim icon on the left side of the screen, the character will automatically aim at the enemy and shoot them.

There are a few points that you need to keep in mind. First, Ailment is like a fast action game. The battle is going very fast, enemies are constantly approaching and shooting you. If you do not react in time, the character will lose HP to death.

Second, keep on the move. The advantage you have in Ailment is that there is no need for aim. So, move non-linearly to avoid bullets and siege from the enemy. Enemies tend to move close to you, whether they are undead or those armed with a machine gun.

Third, look for the relief boxes. Undeniably, the character will be injured when facing a group of enemies. They overwhelm in number and create a stance covered with bullets and flames. Therefore, do not miss any relief boxes. They can contain first aid boxes, help the character restore health or new guns, with extremely powerful destructive power.

One of the best pixel-art games

Ailment was created by Ivan Panasenko, a “solo” developer. And although the game is not considered a masterpiece, it offers a story in-depth, along with a subtle design.

Ailment’s graphics platform is built on a 16-bit platform. It has nostalgic features of classic games like Mario or Gunstar Heroes.

The walls cannot be broken

Ailment has a bit of a puzzle element, as the doors in the ship are dominated by a computer system. This creates a maze, and you need to find computers to open the respective gates.

To be honest, this isn’t really that difficult either. During the game, try to move to all areas on the ship. If you encounter a computer, enable it to open the port, even if you don’t really need to open it. This will help you not to miss any gates.

Moreover, the map also shows the location of the computer you are looking for. Follow the trails, you will find them. And in my personal experience, there are usually support boxes near the computer, giving you weapons, ammunition and sometimes medkits for recovery.

Play with your friends

If the storyline experience or single player mode is boring, start the game with multiplayer mode. Here, you can create rooms for everyone to join and choose which characters to play with. The war will be much more exciting!

MOD APK version of Ailment

MOD feature

Unlimited Points


After opening the game for the first time, please close and reopen it.

Download Ailment MOD APK for Android

Ailment is an exciting 2D shooting action game. You will have to survive in an environment full of dangers, from zombies and mutated people equipped with weapons. What happened to the ship? Can you search for clues and come up with the right answer? Download the game now to get started!

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