Alien: Isolation 1.2.3RC8 (Paid) for Android

Alien: Isolation APK is the mobile version of the PC game of the same name. The original was a complete success, creating a premise for the launch of the mobile version, let’s explore what has in the mobile version of this game!

Introduce about Alien: Isolation

Survival in the horror Alien world!

The plot in this version is still very scary

Nothing different from the original PC version, the plot of Alien: Isolation still revolves around a female character named Amanda Ripley. Her mother, Ellen Ripley, is an important member of the spaceship. At one point in the past, when she was still an 11-year-old child, during a big journey with the crew, her mother went missing and never returned.

The little girl has gone through a childhood full of loss because of the absence of her mother, but her heart has not yet calmed down. She has always wanted to find out what was behind her mother’s strange disappearance. When Amanda Ripley was 26 years old, she got find out an important clue about the incident in the past and began to set out to find out the truth about the Sevastopol space station. All the horror stories and the most heart-pounding scenes start here.


Alien: Isolation is exactly what you just heard from the plot, is an action horror game with a lot of scary alien elements. All battles between the main character and the terrifying monsters that gradually appear take place in the first person. And not only fighting, but you also try to survival every second with an annoyingly harsh survival system. Then constantly have to move, explore, perform a series of large and small tasks to go from one secret curtain to another secret layer. Only in the end can you unveil the greatest truth that embraces both the past and the future.

As the story progresses, the tasks set for the player are very different. Sometimes you have to activate the computer, sometimes have to collect a few items or move from one area to another. It sounds simple, but you will have to do those things at the same time as hiding, running through, or fooling the detection of the giant Alien monsters roaming around. And to support the process of doing this task, our character also has a lot of skills such as running, jumping, climbing ladders, hiding behind clusters of objects in the terrain, peeking through the door slits, Leaning in to survey the situation ahead, like a character from a horror movie. Taking down an Alien in Amanda’s position was almost impossible, so during the game, the best way to preserve life is to hide and run away from monsters.

But in addition to the main enemy are the bloodthirsty Aliens, Amanda will also have to face other bad people and faulty androids. These characters also make your character quite hard, especially in situations where is hunted by Aliens everywhere.

Fortunately, Amanda also has some good supporting devices such as flashlights, Alien’s motion-tracking device. But you should note that every time you use these items, on the contrary, from the Alien side, they are also easier to detect you because the machine due to movement makes a sound when running, and the flashlight emits light.

Along with the skills, you can collect some more items to make weapons such as bombs, flares, noise generators… Slowly understand Alien’s weaknesses ( that’s fear of fire) and take advantage of them, you will be able to stop many horrible situations.

Overall, the immersive experience in Alien: Isolation is thrilling. Humans are literally weak and almost helpless before the terrible power of Alien. By making full use of all your skills, plus handling situations skillfully, you can take Amanda to the end of the game. It is all these difficulties and the very human helplessness that make Alien: Isolation has a very realistic role-playing value.

Graphics and sound

Jumpscare is not the only thing that Alien: Isolation is aiming for. And in this mobile version, the manufacturer has also reduced many frames, so it more or less affects the scary feeling in the original game. But compared to the level of horror survival fighting games on mobile, Alien: Isolation must be very excellent.

The appearances of the monsters, then the creepy screams of the victims will make you have to jump up and drop the phone many times. Its graphics are so excellent that you sometimes panic because you forget this is just a game.

Of course, to complement the horror and gloom of the image, the sound of Alien: Isolation is also quite commensurate with the graphics. Every smallest sound detail like the creaking, the screeching of the creatures surely can make any player must shiver.

A little about the Aliens in the game

The Aliens in the game are strangely shaped, twice as big as three people, and then their faces were indescribable horror, their mouths and mouths were sharp with sharp fangs. Well, just play the game then you can know the horror of them. But in this part, I want to talk about the origin of these Aliens, so players can understand the plot in the game better.

In the future, on the planets far from Earth, humans have set foot and built civilizations far superior to the place where they were born. Dominating all this advanced civilization was the corporation called Weyland-Yutani. Unfortunately, what they want to achieve is not only progress but also a plan to dominate the galaxy. To do that, they must have invincible warriors. These radical people have conducted many large experiments that are fraught with danger and extremely inhumane. These experiments inadvertently created a species of a monster called the Alien. This is also the indirect cause of the disappearance of the main character’s mother.

The shape of the Aliens in Alien: Isolation is very scary. If you’ve ever watched the Prometheus movie series and freaked out when the first Alien appeared, now when playing the game, directly facing them, the scary is more than doubled. When present in an area, they can actively find and capture the heart rate of prey, detect and track humans both with eyes and ears. The most remarkable thing is that they are very intelligent and sensitive because they have received a part of DNA from humans in the above experiment. They even can “learn from themselves” after tricks from you. So when playing you shouldn’t stay in one place for too long, do not repeat the same traps, and never distract them in the same way.

How to install Alien: Isolation APK?

You use Lucky Patcher to patch this game.

Download Alien: Isolation APK free for Android

In short, Alien: Isolation is quite a horror and creepy game. The scene is dark, an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. If you don’t want your mind to be stressed when playing, you should consider it carefully before playing.

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