Animus: Revenant v1.0.0 APK MOD (Full Game)

Animus: Revenant APK stretches before the player’s eyes the majestic ancient world. In the role of a hero who follows the call of justice, you will save humanity from a terrible apocalyptic disaster.

Introduce about Animus: Revenant

“Blood for blood. That which is taken shall be returned.”


In the Middle Ages, people lived peacefully and worked together to build a growing civilization. One day, darkness awakened, and the forces of darkness rose. They were ambitiously covering the sky and devouring the human world.

The plot in Animus: Revenant is considered deep. It approaches many different aspects of a standard RPG game. Therefore, the character’s adventure through battles is more poetic.


Animus: Revenant is a classic RPG mixed with combat adventure. Following the hero, you will discover a series of new lands, strange territories, and develop superior skills over time, and ultimately, triumph over the disaster to bring peace to the people.

The adventure role-playing journey is full of hack and slash and full of impressive action scenes. Compared to many fighting RPG games with a medieval setting, Animus: Revenant has a rather fast tempo. Quickly attack to quickly destroy. You will have to be very careful in every step and choose a reasonable attack if you do not want the enemy to attack you in a moment.

The weapon of the hero Animus was originally a great hammer. But with a wide range of extraordinary combat skills, you will always find your edge in battles. When you achieve feats, you will gradually unlock more weapons with different attributes and effects. Skills are also gradually improved, both in terms of strength and speed. Combining more flexible moves, you will have the opportunity to win more victories.

This game lasts from 20 to over 40 hours, depending on the mode and playing style of each person. That’s a very long time for a mobile game. It can even last for days if you want to experience the variety of game modes for yourself, like Story Mode, side quests, boss fights, and Mysterious Legend. Each mode has its beauty, and the hack-and-slash experience never disappoints you.

Enemies in the game are many, and you can hardly predict who they are, where they appear from, and what reason they come to the world for. The only option is to fight, defend and win. To do this, you will have to constantly combine many different skills like making your weapons (from available weapons, armor, and accessories). Or wait until upgraded through victories.

Don’t forget to study the enemy carefully. Compared to them, you have very little chance of survival. Spend a few tens of seconds observing the various elemental effects of your enemies before the battle begins. You will realize that every monster has flaws and weaknesses. Use your available advantages and continuously attack these weaknesses, and the monsters will die much faster.

Two things I wish for

The first is about the view. I just wish it was made with a surrounding angle (back, front, left, right of the character) instead of the current top-down view. If that’s the case, it’s better to see the battles. Just wishing for fun, because changing the perspective is like redoing the whole game. Sometimes the producer intends to hide the battle a little bit with a top-down view like this.

And second, I wish the keyboard layout was not too big like this. In my opinion, it could be more compact, a little smaller, and spread out to the sides so as not to overwhelm the space of the scene. Hopefully, in the future, there will be this edit so the combat space will be much airier.

Graphics and sound

Everything in Animus: Revenant is quite dark, quiet, deserted, and always full of danger. The surrounding scenery depicts the hero’s lonely feeling and always foreshadows many upcoming dangers.

Space in Animus: Revenant does not stop at a few locations but has expanded its scope, both in width and depth. In every place you go, in addition to fighting with the character, you have something to look at and think about.

The attacks are accompanied by many light effects, different colors light up the gloomy space. Believe me, you will enjoy the fiery slashing screen in Animus: Revenant.

Download Animus: Revenant APK free for Android

If you like to play as a medieval hero in the high-speed slash-and-burn battlefields, along with an attractive role-playing and upgrade system, then Animus: Revenant is here for you. Good game with a unique storyline. It is worth the investment of time and mind, my friends!

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