ARMAJET 1.61.6 for Android (Latest Version)

ARMAJET APK is a new action game from the publisher Super Bit Machine. The game will take you to the 4v4 shooting arena with extremely attractive flying, chasing, and shooting scenes.

Introduce about ARMAJET

It deserves to be the Future eSport Mobile Shooter Game.

With diverse game modes, it deserves to be the Future eSport Mobile Shooter Game

One day in the future where humans will need heavy armor and fiery weapons or even ally with another species to fight malicious invaders. In ARMAJET, you are one of those heroic warriors. ARMAJET has made such a brief preamble as a smooth premise to launch a game with the most multiplayer modes on the mobile platform today.

The game begins with a few story lines, followed by an introduction to the characters and weapons available. From here, you might have a few ideas for what game mode you are really interested in.

You can play solo with the system’s AI with Fuel Frenzy mode. If you collect and keep 10 fuel cells, you win. However, note that the time is limited, and everything is counting down every second.

If you do not like to fight alone, you can also play Team Deathmatch style where you team up with other players to fight together at supremacy with the remaining teams. When your team has 30 points or completely dominates in 3 minutes of the round, of course you are the winner.

Also, you can play in 4v4 Battle Ball mode, directly participate in the 4v4 arena and only need to score 3 goals on the opponent to win.

The structure of the game options is plentiful

In ARMAJET, initially most of your weapons and your opponent are quite equal. Over time, through your victory, you will gradually upgrade. There is a total of hundreds of different weapons with their own power and damage. Once you have gathered quite a lot, depending on the type of battlefield and the scene, you will choose your own items. It could be a multipurpose automatic rifle, or a long-range defensive sniper rifle or a wide-area flamethrower with tremendous heat.

And of course, it doesn’t stop there. In ARMAJET, you also have the opportunity to use power-up techniques to support yourself and your teammates such as shields, magic circles, … or weapons that deal with bigger damage on enemies. These are called heavy, surprise attacks that you can perform with the enough amount of bonus in hand. Note that you should save your bonus to use at the right time, on the right enemy to reach the best effect. It is recommended to use it for battles where there are too many enemies surrounding all sides.

There are many hero characters to choose, from humans to different alien races. But the common point is that they are all wearing astronaut clothes with rear jets to freely fly, jump, and acrobatic in space. Each character will have its own strengths and advantages but there are always some essential weaknesses: humans are inclined to speed but they have weak attacks, some are always full of fuel but have low damage over the enemies. Some have an extremely high damage score but heal super slow.

It is easy to play but requires thinking and acting very quickly

In ARMAJET, it can be said that speed is victory. You can choose different game modes, but all will need the ability to jump, swing and shoot the enemy mercilessly with super speed. The number, speed and magnitude of the enemies are rising, more and more speed is more favored. Many times, I just wish to have 3 heads and 6 hands to play. That is also the reason why the game gives us many game modes and upholds the spirit of cooperative combat, or battle 4 on 4 instead of playing solo.

To play, you just touch the destination, one-touch is to go to where you want, two-continuous-touch is to fly forward, touch the enemy to shoot them, and add a few simple key actions to attack. The simple action design is also a manufacturer’s intention to move forward into an eSport shooter game in the future.

After each win, you will have a chance to receive a different medal. Each type will have the effect of accumulating and redeeming the corresponding item/ upgrade later. Just like that, roll, shoot, fight, team up or solo, win medals, win, upgrade. It’s an endless yet stimulating loop.

The fiery sound and graphics in ARMAJET

Sound is the first thing to say about the attraction of ARMAJET. The sound you hear in the game is not just like other mobile games but 32-channel sound with 5D sound effects technology. This duo will really shock everyone! especially when there are strong shakes and shooting blasts to the enemy. Very eye-catching and excited.

The graphics in the game are ideal for gun battles in outer space. All are surreal backgrounds with attractive but minimalistic colors to highlight the effect of attacks and movements of 2D characters in the game.

I especially like the design of the weapons in ARMAJET. It is extremely detailed to the point of seeing both the trigger, the barrel and the body pattern of the gun. With a mobile shooter game, this is a great advance. I have not mentioned the plenty of warriors full of personality and color in the game. Each one has their own characteristics, a unique appearance that you will absolutely remember once seeing them. At first, they look similar because of the clothes they are wearing, especially the ones with a mid-sized physique. However, through the game, when weapons and items are opened, each player’s ability to change, automatically shape and equipment will be much different.

Download ARMAJET APK for Android

At that time, it will be truly a war of the most unique and powerful warriors of the year!

Download ARMAJET APK to play here, guys.

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