Ashworld 1.6.0 for Android (Latest Version)

Having lived with dinosaurs in Durango: Wild Lands, we continue to be involved in another life-long journey. Ashworld APK is an action role-playing game that allows players to fight and fight. Not only that, but the game also combines attractive survival style. The father of this great game is the Orange Pixel. This is also the father of pixel-like graphics games such as Space Grunts, Hero of Loot, and more.

And certainly, Ashworld is no exception. After the success of the PC version on Steam, Orange Pixel has decided to release the Android version, iOS of this game. Do not hesitate any more; please join us to find out what made a game so attractive.


While other survival games such as Rules of Survival and Knives Out take the player to a large island, Ashworld will take you to a deserted desert landscape. After the terrible catastrophe, the whole world is left with ruins. The bad guys and the cruel forces emerge a lot to fight for life. Looting, the murder occurs everywhere.

Not only that, but the mutant creature also come. At that time, Ash – a man in his adventures, had to face and fight the most horrible bosses and the Ragers. Besides, the zombies also want to eat him at any time. Can you help Ash eliminate all these dangers?


The player’s task is to simply control the character Ash moves, fight with all enemies. Use the virtual keys on the screen to perform character manipulations. Destroy the terrain, destroy the enemy, protect the innocent, … that is all you have to do in this game. You have to constantly drive through different areas, fighting a variety of enemies, from humans to the most bizarre creatures. If your blood bar is exhausted, you will die, and the game will end.

As you play Ashworld, you will be exploring the entire world of Ashworld through the massive mission system of the game. On the task, you unlock the secrets of this world again. The game has hundreds of missions that follow the main plot. More specifically, Ashworld creates a series of side quests that are as flexible and completely random as you do the quest. This will satisfy the inquisition, the curiosity of the player. Also, you can meet many interesting characters on this journey. They will help you a lot to find your enemy as well as know where the road will lead.

Ashworld brings you a range of weapons for you to choose from such as boomerangs, missiles, saw blades, hunting rifles, rifles, machine guns, plasma guns, firearms, and so on… modern and convenient. Most of the equipment you can own by fighting and collect on the battlefield. However, some weapons you have to buy them in the game’s store system.


Ashworld’s graphics are developed in the form of pixels. Although not beautiful but certainly will make you satisfied. You will not be able to imagine how much you can do such things as driving, driving a helicopter, etc. in this game. Space in the game brings a dark, suffocating look that adds to the drama of the game. Also, the sound also interacts very well with the game situations, giving the feeling of fun while playing.

Sum Up

This game is perfect though it still needs to be improved in some places. But I believe this game will still be more successful on the mobile platform. You can play games on both PC / Mac and Mobile.

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