Awakening of Dragon MOD APK+OBB v3.0.1(Dumb Enemy/Menu/DMG/Defense)

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How To Downlaod Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk

Millenia ago, Demon King Baal led the demonic horde in an invasion of the Divine Realm. Battle after battle the gods suffered defeat, and the destruction of the Divine Realm was nearly complete. In order to save their last remaining hope, the 7 Divine Dragons ripped a hole in space-time and travelled to the harmonious land of Arcus. There they use their abilities to create a new world and 3 races, humans, elves and dwarves, who lived under the protection of 4 Divine Dragons.


How To Install Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk

As time passed, the power of the Divine Dragons began to wane and the demonic horde traveled to Arcus through the hole in space-time to destruct this land. Only the Chosen One can possess the Dragon Crystal and awaken the power of the Dragon Soul. Only then can the demonic horde be defeated and Arcus saved.

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[Game Features]
– Double form transformation; awaken the sleeping Ancient Divine Dragons
In [Arcus], dragons represent absolute faith and power. Legends say the proud dragon never once bowed its noble head, until the Chosen One appeared before it with the Divine Dragon Crystal. Ice, Fire, Light, Dark, Life, Time and Space: unlock the 7 Dragon Gods with our innovative Transformation system. Transform into a dragon and rapidly dispatch your enemies with exhilarating game controls.

Are you looking for an epic game with a more engaging storyline than ever? Awakening of Dragon will be an extremely worthy answer to what you are looking for in a game. Coming to the game, you will be entirely convinced by the engaging storyline, dramatic combat gameplay, along with graphics quality that consistently reaches the highest level in your play.

Key Features:

  • Start the game with an epic storyline with conflicts between gods and enemies.
  • You will receive for yourself the ultimate task of protecting the majesty of dragons by defeating the wicked.
  • Participate in the awakening of dragons to be able to win decisive battles.
  • Various game modes around the plot theme will be selectable.
  • Stunning epic background graphics combined with high-quality images will always be a great advantage of the game.

Awakening of Dragon MOD APK + OBB (Dumb Enemy/Menu/DMG/Defense) Download

– Exquisite visuals, explore the endless adventure world
Misty Forest, Moonlit Lake, Frost Tundra, Elf Swamp…An unprecedented feast for the eyes in a world 10,000 km² large! 360° panoramic flight, immersive graphics, dynamic light rendering and super crisp particle effects: the landscapes of Arcus have it all!

– Switch between melee and range classes at will
Forget the traditional warrior, mage and archer classes. Be an archer who morphs into a melee Divine Dragon to face the enemy head on, or a warrior that transforms into a Mage Dragon to bombard the enemy with spells from afar: the Divine Dragon Transformation System completely overthrows traditional class systems.


Along with the dramatic story that has been told from the plot, the game has also built for itself really reasonable gameplay. The game’s developers have chosen the classic role-playing game genre for their product. It is because of the features and advantages of this game genre that will be able to allow you to participate in the game and feel all that the plot has to offer.

Now, you will have a mission to awaken the sleeping dragons so that you can fight the evil demons that are invading the world. Awakening of Dragon has created for you many different control features and battle effects that will help you get the perfect experience. In addition, you will also be able to participate in other game modes such as Dragon Conquest, SvS Dimension Battle to bring glory to yourself.

How To Install Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk Last Version


Dragon Conquest, SvS Dimension Battle
In our innovative [SvS World War] gameplay, players must battle other worlds as they fight for their own in this intense, massive multiplayer battle experience. Server vs Server, Army vs Army, World vs World. If you don’t want to submit, then pick up your weapons and fight to the death.


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