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Baba is You APK is a super cute offline puzzle game. But don’t let that adorable appearance fool you because in the game you’ll not be idle to see that cuteness but have to grapple with the minds of crazy people obsessed with the words “rules of the game”.

Introduce about Baba is You

The game is the rule, and the rule is the game!

Baba is You has quickly become popular since it was released. Many people love it and talk about it. The easy-to-remember, curious name makes it famous in the mobile gaming community at a dizzying speed. Up to now, Baba is You is considered the best puzzle game currently on the mobile platform.

What does Baba is You have?

You will probably be shocked when you hear the unique and unprecedented idea of ​​Baba is You.

Hot news must be released immediately. Let’s see what amazing things it has!


I must bold this sentence as it is very important. You didn’t read it wrong, my friend. The person who finds the rules of the game is you, and only that way will help you go on. It also means that we don’t just have a single rule like thousands of other games.

Baba is You has over 200 levels to play. Each level has a different game rule. And to pass the scene, you are forced to find out what the rules of the game are at each level, thereby decoding that level.

I guess that this game design team is addicted to making rules, like true artists. These artists might fly in imagination in all directions to eventually draw a bunch of different rules for each level of the game. All are with a few extra items and the main character, You. You are also different in each scene. Sometimes you’re Baba, a species that doesn’t know the color pink, sometimes you are a dumb-looking rock moving slowly across the screen.

If you still insist that you need to follow the available rules to play any game, in Baba is You, you will never win any levels. The difficulty of the game here is to find out what is going on in the minds of the designers step by step. You can touch objects freely, deduce freely and think until you can open the door to the mind of the game designer who made that level. But who can read another mind? No way! Exactly in that process, you can create your own rules, according to your own way of thinking, as long as the logic is correct from the detailed hints of the scene given by the creative game makers.


Specifically, each level of Baba is You is a challenge to complete. In each level, there will be different details and characters while the main character is still Baba. Accompanying are important English keywords that are super short to suggest the rules of the game.

To complete the challenge, you’ll have to put words and details together to create a meaningful sentence. And that sentence is also the rule to play you will follow. It may or may not be what the game makers designed it to be. But never mind, as long as logical sentences are fine. Then you just slowly follow this logic until you complete the level.

For example, at level 1, the suggested sentences are almost available: “Baba is You, Flag is Win, Wall is Stop, Rock is Push”. In which, you are blocked by walls, you must go the other way, then push the rock when you face it, then reach the flag for the win. Level 1 is completed!

But at level 2, you are no longer Baba but the wall. The rule this time could be “Wall is You. Flag is Win”. So, just move the text blocks and until you can hold the flag to combine words into “Flag is Win”, you’ll pass the scene.

With every word on the screen, you can move, actively combine, and arrange them with the appearing objects. And depending on your preferences and thoughts, you can create your own rules. For example, in the first scene/ level, if you don’t like “Flag is Win”, you can move the Rock block to two Is and Win blocks to form “Rock is Win”. Immediately, the game rules change, so you just need to touch Win to pass the scene. Or you can form “Flag is You” (instead of “Baba is You”) and then form “Baba is Win”. Now in the role of the flag, you just need to run around and touch Baba, then you win.

A few tips to pump energy for new players

For you to be more excited to step into Baba is You, I send a few following small notes. You’ll see that it is not too difficult and all the excitement that awaits ahead is very much worth experiencing.

The first note is that you do not need to fully assemble all the words in each level. What important is the final destination: What will be Win? So, it will not be that stressful.

The next note is that the game only counts words in a row from left to right or in a column from top to bottom, not diagonally. And in some cases, you can’t interact with some words because they are in the corner and surrounded by obstacles. The tip for you is to get those non-interactive things out of your head to focus on the things that are possible. So, you will just use the interactive words instead of those blocked ones.

Playing this game, you will many times have to squeeze your forehead, frown, mumble to yourself like an abnormal person, and sometimes burst out laughing like crazy because you realize the answer turns out to be as simple as a joke. But that joke sometimes forces you to try a dozen different ways to solve it. So interesting, right?

Download Baba is You APK free for Android

Well, it’s really hard to imagine just through my words, you must try it to see how amazing it is. This game is like a bottle of 100-year-old wine, you have to taste it to understand the taste. But once you taste it, you only want to drink it again, drink it forever. Play it right away! It’s both happy and full of pain, but the pain’s so sweet.

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