Beholder 2 APK + OBB v1.7.16077 (Unlimited Money)

Beholder 2 MOD APK is part 2 of the famous Beholder mobile puzzle series. After playing, you will be heavy-hearted because of the sharp life philosophies that the manufacturer has integrated here. To be honest, Beholder 2 will bring you to the line between trust and betrayal, between obedience and compassion, between morality and ignorance. Have you ever been in a situation like the character in the game?

Introduce about Beholder 2

Struggling in despair with bloody hands

The story continues the first part, but wider and more multidimensional

Everything in the Beholder series takes place in a dark age of the fantasy nation. The autocratic government here under the pretext of “For a Better Common Purpose” has enacted a series of bizarre laws to control every individual in the country. But because of their limited strength, they cannot manage each person tightly. These details have been relegated to much lower levels of management. They are the managers of the country’s large apartment complexes.

You are one of those. Your name is Carl. Carl in part 1 after the unexpected death of his father, was transferred to a new city. Now he will take a job that’s even weirder than last time. His father who is a high-ranking person jumped from the 37th floor but he didn’t mind because they had not seen each other for ten years. But it is because of that death that he is transported to this lavish city to begin a new journey, which is also the line of command and morality.

The context of Beholder 2 is no longer encapsulated in the apartment. Now it has expanded to city scale where you have authority like a new leader, and can go wherever you want.

In this city, the system you are serving looks very neat, benevolent and the government apparatus also seems to be nice. However, as you know, the game’s big context hasn’t changed, which means everything is just a cover. Behind all the drama of lies is the cruel dictatorship. The people above wanted to control and interfere in everything. The freedom that peoples have at most is just seeing the sun and eating freely, the rest is in the eyes of the government.

Image, sound, and “weight” on the soul

Magical drawings with short-legged large characters wearing similar clothes and moving slowly in this world are mysterious and uncertain. The whole thing is in gray, white, and black. You will feel suffocate and sometimes see no way out like the people who are existing in this society.

Music is an outstanding part here. Each note sounds like the sob of a fragile together with gloomy, sad, and a little creepy. The game is very hardcore. Playing the game, you will feel like it’s a hundred times harder than the discription. Who is fragile and weak had better not play this game.


Attractive gameplay is the key to Beholder 2. Like part 1, you will encounter something needed to be resolved during the process of working and living in a new city. This game continues the puzzle genre that you must tap to find objects, and unlock mysteries, along with managing the character’s stats.

And just like in real life, our main character must always balance the elements of Money and Time. Your day will consist of 9 hours, so it is necessary to allocate work to ensure the completion of the assigned tasks, but still have enough time for other heart-calling jobs. Unlike when you owned an apartment, this time the city is bigger, but your activities are a little less, less money and more promiscuous work. You will focus on yourself more: watch TV, read books, and work like a real office worker.

The distant truth

This game doesn’t have a real ending. You only stop when you make the final choice yourself. You can expose the crime of the corrupt machine while knowing that only the top is traced, and the root will continue to expand. Worse than that, you can be arrested and kept because of being trapped for a certain crime, assassinated, beaten, tortured… All will report the story of the desperate struggle of a person who always wants to find the truth. The feeling of being alone, quietly going back and forth in the middle of a crowded street but unable to talk to anyone is so obssessing. Meanwhile, the music is haunting in the ears. Both present and future are too dark with no way out.

When it comes to missions, it’s like a real entertainment game. You will go to work, manage your affairs with minigames, receive orders from your superior such as stealthy tracking, buying equipment for spying, eavesdropping or finding evidence against the regime.…

And you will always be in the dilemma of choices, and sometimes with harsh consequences. For example, if you have a salary, what will you use it for? Bring home so that your wife and children can live comfortably for a month without worrying, or put it all into high-tech monitoring equipment to make the task of later work smoother and faster? Be careful when thinking because the two most important resources in the game (Money and Time) are always limited.

You don’t want to do outrageous wrongdoing? Not in Beholder 2!

In Beholder 2, you can’t be a good person and want to be a bad person. Getting involved in scandalous behaviors is something that will happen sooner or later. The important thing is how to stop at the right time and behave well so that things don’t go too far.

To see yourself improve while playing Beholder 2, you must learn to forgive yourself. For example, because there is not enough time, the assigned work cannot be completed on time. But that’s not necessarily bad. For another example, you want to follow someone according to your boss’s instructions, but you miss an important clue because it is time to pick up your child after work. But thanks to that, you have another opportunity to directly approach, enter this person’s house while searching for their “reactionary” evidence. In the end, not only are you not scolded, but you are also rewarded. This game always contains such unexpected turns.

Besides, when you want to be a good person for once and don’t want to trap a friend like your superiors. It can turn out in the end that he’s the bad guy who is always stalking to harm you, so he approachs and becomes a soul mate.

You will never get bored. And even if I play again, everything is as surprising as the first day.

MOD APK version of Beholder 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You will get a lot of money after using.

Download Beholder 2 MOD APK for Android

Beholder 2 is a “heavy” game from the strange aunt image, the murky background, to the heart-rending sound. But having played Beholder 2, I am sure you will have to play until the end, because the gameplay is simple but too attractive, and it also gets right into the heart of each person. Try it out!

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