Boomplay MOD APK v6.4.66 (Premium Unlocked, VIP)


Boomplay is a music player with over 85M songs across different genres like Pop, Rock, Afrobeats, Afropop and Reggae from top artists. Stream and free download music, including the best new songs, albums and curated playlists on Boomplay and play offline data-free!

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✧ Discover New Music And Trending Songs
Boomplay music player boasts more than 85M songs. Come and search for your favourite songs, artist or podcasts.

How To Download Boomplay Mod Apk

Download Songs And Listen Offline
Boomplay is a free music downloader that lets you play your favourite songs offline. You can also use Boomplay as a media player to play all your local music offline like MP3s, AAC, M4A, WAV, and other local files from your S.D. card or phone.

How To Install Boomplay Mod Apk

✧ Personalized Playlists Made Just For You
Boomplay knows your music taste better than anyone. You will be surprised by what new songs our recommendations will help you discover.

Download Boomplay Mod Last Virsion

✧ Support The Artists You Love!
Boomplay streams now count towards Billboard Music Charts, including Billboard Hot 100, Artist 100, and all other Billboard U.S. and global charts. Every click of Play, Listen, Download on Boomplay, maximizes the exposure of the artists to help create more new music for their fans.

✧ Equalizer
Build your Equalizer and enjoy your favourite trending songs.

✧ Lyrics
See the lyrics to the trending music.

✧ More Than A Music App
The Boomplay music player comes with social features where you can follow and interact with your favourite artists and stay up-to-date with their news and music! Also, Boom Mall and Boom Games bring you extra bonuses during your listening experience.

With Boomplay, you can access a world of new music, playlists, artists, and podcasts you love. Here’s Boomplay, worthy of being your default Music Downloader!

✔ Unlimited Downloads
The Subscriber could enjoy music with unlimited downloads for free, so you can even listen to music offline without using your data!

✔ No Ads
The Boomplay music player allows you to listen to an album, playlist, song or podcast without ad breaks.

✔ Premium Content
Enjoy the premium playlists that are created exclusively for subscribers. Discover the best music and add the playlists to your favourites.

✔ Best Quality Music
Enjoy higher quality music in full 320kbps.

Don’t wanna miss out on the latest music trends? Then follow Boomplay, the Global Multimedia Platform.

Boomplay  MOD APK (Premium Unlocked, VIP) Download


Boomplay is a music application that many users trust when they want to create the perfect entertainment space. You can relax with your favorite music offline after downloading. When using modern music players, users’ rights are quick updates of trending songs. In addition to storing your favorite songs, you can also build a list of interested artists and receive the earliest notifications about upcoming songs.


With the changes in the updated version, Boomplay received more attention from users around the world. Both free and premium accounts can do data saving and listen to music without a hitch. The songs that are played for the first time on the application will be played the second time with less or negligible data usage. In order for users around the world to have access to quality music, the system has added new languages ​​such as Indonesian, Tagalog, Ukrainian, and Kazakh.


There will be no limit to the songs played by Boomplay when the user requests any title. We have a dynamic search bar that can navigate to playlists that match your criteria. Popular music genres will be suggested on the app’s homepage, such as Pop, Rock, Afrobeats, Afropop, and Reggae. Experience great music in the conditional online and offline music space. You will enjoy the perfect sound at the most stable quality level. The improvements in sound are recognized and complimented by the success of an in-app audio equalizer.


The process of improving the user’s personal playlists in Boomplay is done right into your download and enjoyment. The lyrics are updated right on the song you are listening to. We help you discover new songs after listening to your favorites. They are all suggestions tailored to your preferences. You can also become an avid fan by supporting your favorite artists. Popular music charts are great places to find your favorite music. Join your favorite artist to interact and complete your experience.


Boomplay allows users to build excellent playlists where they will store their favorite songs and enjoy them online or offline. Make your experience more perfect with the feature of aggregating your favorites in a play folder and using them for comebacks. Newly released or popular content will be suggested to you to make it easier to capture trends. A suitable space to enjoy music and relax, all you need is provided.

Boomplay v6.3.24 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked, VIP) Download

Of the countless music applications available on mobile today, Boomplay is one of the most prominent with more than 100 million installs on Google Play. It owns a huge music store with many genres of music from a large number of famous artists and groups. You can enjoy it all right on your phone with or without an Internet connection. Download music to your library, create playlists and enjoy the music you love with just a few taps. So this is the place for you to listen to unlimited and free music offline. Moreover, this application has a great user community. Visit it often to see and share your interests, make friends and socialize with many like-minded people.

Unlimited music discovery

Boomplay not only has a large number of songs but also always keeps up with world music trends. Users can find here songs from over 6.5 million famous artists, discover hits from around the world of music with genres ranging from Hip-Hop, Highlife, Hausa Music, Rap, and more. If you want to keep up with the highlights, just visit the Billboard Charts to find the top 100 or 200 greatest songs. Moreover, this app also gives you access to many other music categories like Daily Trending or playlists from your favorite artists.

Users can search in different ways to reach their favorite music. For example, they can search for music by artist name, song title, album name, access the “Discoveries” section to search by genre, topic, or random songs. In addition, Boomplay also automatically recommends songs according to the user’s search and streaming history. It creates a personalized experience space that includes only what you like. That way, you can quickly find what you need. In particular, this application also includes a great collection of podcasts from the most famous content creators.

Customize your music store

Want to listen to music anytime, anywhere without an Internet connection? Create a playlist of your favorite music now in Boomplay. Just search for songs, download them to your phone, and put them in an offline playlist. Later, whenever you need to listen to music, just head to this playlist and enjoy a wide range of songs anywhere. Besides, users can create albums for artists or topics they like, download MV videos or podcasts to the device to listen to at any time.

Share and connect online

Boomplay has an online community called Buzz. This is every individual user can join and share their songs and interests to socialize with everyone. Join it to get access to the hottest music, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle news from your favorite artists or enthusiasts. Just sign up for an account and log in to the app to get permission to view and share whatever content you want.

Besides, this app also has a collection of fun online games to play all the time, like Fruit Slash, Bubble Shooter, and more. Of course, you don’t need to download them to play. Spend your free time playing games and competing with friends online from all over the world.

Colorful, intuitive, and vivid experience space

Different from popular music player applications, Boomplay has an outstanding and colorful interface design. It shows openness and creativity, helping to inspire music listeners and content creators around the world. Everything is intuitively arranged, clearly displayed, facilitating quick operation and easy search. Besides, this application also has many options for users to change the interface theme according to their preferences.

How to install Boomplay

Step 1: Get the app’s MOD or APK file by clicking the Download link.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it by clicking Install.

Step 3: Wait for the installation to complete to launch the application, register or log in to your account and enjoy the free music store for you.

Download Boomplay MOD APK for Android

Boomplay will bring the whole world of music to your fingertips so you can listen to music anytime, anywhere without paying. You can find millions of songs from popular artists, podcasts, trending songs, albums, and chart highlights. Furthermore, users can sign up for an account to access the Buzz community where music news and more are shared. Stream music, share your interests, and compete with friends in a variety of fun games. You can do it now with the app’s MOD APK file here. It’s free for you to download, install and enjoy its great features.

Features MOD

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Are you a fan of US – UK music? Do you want your idol’s music products to sweep all the biggest music sites in the US – UK? Are you looking for a music player application that helps you discover many of the hottest songs and save many of your favorite songs? Boomplay MOD APK is a very popular music player next to Spotify.


    Boomplay is a popular online music player application for users who love to discover world music, especially today’s extremely popular music that is US songs – UK. Boomplay will bring you lost in the world of music with countless songs.

    The songs that sweep every chart are regularly updated by the app. You can search and enjoy your favorite songs in this music player application. Besides, you also follow the weekly song chart of Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Global 200 US – UK is applied weekly to help you easily update many new songs and enrich your playlist. Friend.


    To help your idol or favorite song appear on the chart, you can stream music daily on the app. Streaming music means you listen to the same song over and over again to increase your stream score. In this way you contribute to that song’s online music record. In addition to song streaming, you can also stream all the songs on the album, which means you’re giving your favorite singer the opportunity to sweep the album charts alongside digital music.


    All genres of music from Pop, Rock, EDM… are available on the music player platform Boomplay. You completely explore different genres of songs, not only keep you updated with the best songs, but you also learn many new songs with music genres you have never heard before. The application also updated the suggestion feature to explore the music world to expose you to a variety of melodies from many songs.

    Many US – UK singers have chosen this online music player to update newly released songs. With worldwide reach and popularity, the number of artists involved in releasing songs on the platform is increasing. More than 6.5 million artists have joined this music listening platform, you can discover and enjoy the hottest songs of many artists on this application.


    Besides being an online music application, the application also has other experiences such as playing games or shopping experiences. With attractive offers, you will be transported into a new world of games and a world of shopping at super savings. Products that often appear on the extension application are albums or publications about the songs that the singer released with them. Let’s explore these new features now!


    Sound problems will be 100% guaranteed. With high-quality music player quality, you will not have to worry about the problem of the player having problems while you listen to music, surely the songs are playing, you will have moments to fully enjoy the song. favorite song.


    Want to find your favorite song quickly, create your own playlist. The application allows you to create a new playlist of your favorite music players, which can be considered “my music library”. By selecting and scrolling to your favorite music category, you have your own playlist of your favorite music.


    To experience all functions in the application, you need to register and identify a unique account. The application requires you to log in and identify your account for easy management in matters of music streaming or transactions on the extension application. Besides, if the application cannot recognize your authentic account, you will not be able to stream music or save your favorite songs. Create and save your secure account!

    With the variety of extremely convenient features of Boomplay and the highly entertaining nature of the application, you certainly cannot ignore this super hot music player application. Download Boomplay MOD APK with many advantages:

    • Enjoy with more than 70 million songs of different genres.
    • Regularly update the most popular songs today.
    • Experience functions other than listening to music.
    • Easy to use with simple operation.

    And many interesting features are waiting for you to discover in Boomplay MOD APK.

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