Brutal Street 2 MOD APK + OBB (Free Purchased)

Brutal Street has been refurbished and upgraded to Brutal Street 2 MOD APK (Free Purchase). This is a very interesting game, giving players a new experience on the other side of society. If you like Street Fighter game and are looking for a similar game for Android phones then Brutal Street 2 is the perfect choice for you.

Brutal Street 2: Fight against the gangs

No matter how beautiful and magnificent the streets of the world are, there are always hidden corners that ordinary people do not know. It is the place where the gangs’ illegal existence and activity, powerful underground forces. And this theme is also something that Black Pearl Games want to tell when creating their famous games.

You are a leader

Brutal Street 2 is a tactical role-playing game that tells the story in Chinese cities, where gangs and underground forces fight against each other. They even kidnapped the girls. Disappointed with them, you have gathered the best people to form a team of 8 people with different strengths involved in the confrontation with the strongest gangs. At the beginning of the game, there will be only one guy in the fight against black society, then you will, in turn, recruit new members. These characters have different skills depending on the type of weapon is used.

Fight tactical style

Every battle against the black society takes place in tactical style, you will choose the four most suitable characters to fight. Control of these characters is relatively simple, you can control the characters move to the appropriate location, select the skills and objects to attack. The skills are neatly placed in the right corner and very easy to use, each character will have a total of 4 skills. These skills can be triggered by the money in the “Talent” table.

In each battle, your task is to lead your team to defeat all the gangsters and gang-head. And if your team is destroyed then you will fail and have to play again. As I see, it is a quite difficult game, and I lost a few times to be able to pass. A small note is the continuous use of buffs to healing other attacking characters.


Brutal Street 2 also has a lot of role-playing elements as characters also have relatively sufficient stats and equipment. The equipment can be collected when they are over and players can upgrade their equipment to get higher stats. This creates a fascinating and exciting gameplay but will also consume a lot of money in the game. While it’s hard to collect a lot of money, every game stage only gives you a few money.

Graphics & Sound

In terms of graphics, Brutal Street 2 is more beautifully designed than the first version. With a fun cartoon style, Brutal Street 2 renders authentic and unique streets and familiar corners in Chinese society. Also, when characters use skills will create beautiful effects. The game also has attractive music, which makes the player feel like standing in a real street.

MOD APK version of Brutal Street 2

MOD feature

Free Purchase: You can buy in-game currency with real money via in-app. You will not lose anything <3.

Download Brutal Street 2 MOD APK for Android

It can be said, Brutal Street 2 worth playing. I like this game very much because it gives players the freedom to upgrade and customize their equipment, and the game also requires tactical accuracy. Besides, Brutal Street 2 also has fewer ads bothering the screen than other games.

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