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Unlike other farm games, Bud Farm: Grass Roots is quite weird. From the opening where the game lets players grow cannabis, you can see it like no other. Then the game offers you a series of “intoxicated things” such as sleepy-eyed villagers with super bizarre appearances. I promise you will be curious to play it immediately right upon looking at it.

Bud Farm: Grass Roots

Farmers grow cannabis, can you stand it?

Also farming, but farm cannabis

First, we have a small piece of land. With little land and poor capital, we must do something like no other. So, after many days of brainstorming, the farmer decided to bring in some weird plants to plant. They include cannabis, OG Kush, Super Silver Haze, and Pineapple Express…

There is no rich land. Also, the kind of seeds is too “friendly” (yes, in negative meaning). So, your farming begins so stealthily. You grow them in small pots placed in a small corner of the tiny piece of land. Although they seem to be small, they are very difficult to handle. You must fertilize them bit by bit, then buy manure, water them, dry them in the sun, avoid them from the attack of insects/ spiders/ worms, then they only grow a bit. Anyway, seeing them growing up will be a part of happiness. After that, when they pass the first stage, they grow up so quickly. Harvest time comes. Collect them to trade for goods immediately.

The flowers and fruits produced can be used to make cakes. Well, I call it “intoxicated cake”. These cakes are initially small in quantity, only for selling in your home. They are displayed in a small cabinet. But anyone who has eaten it once has become an addict (it has to be). So, you will earn more and more money.

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Combining those two stages: exchanging them – buying more items on the market and processing them into cakes or drinks at home, you will have more profit from your small farming business. The demand of the inhabitants of the town begins to increase. You are constantly developing, growing fast, and harvesting more and more. At some point, the original small piece of land no longer has space to store them, and the money is abundant. Thus, you will buy more land and expand your house. Next, you will hire more people to work, and buy more modern machinery and equipment. You put all the steps of planting and fertilizing into a proper process and use machinery power to speed up the process. Harvesting a lot of products with uniform quality, you can continuously earn more and more money.

Along the farming journey, you can participate in a series of competitions in the village such as Karma Contest, unlocking crates to get more money to expand the farm or hire more people. Remember, give priority to the guys called Legendary Workers because they work very hard, and are more productive than regular workers.

You never do it alone

From your exemplary success, many villagers also begin to follow you. Although you have a slightly eccentric mind, you are a generous person and loved by everyone. So don’t be afraid to go around talking with other people. When you have free time, let’s visit the neighbor’s farm and teach them how to harvest/ how to plant, and exchange farming experiences, then trade and exchange goods with them.

Your farm is expanding, professional, and growing tremendously. At this time, the seeds can be unlocked a lot. It can be said that the richness and diversity of cannabis in this village are unlimited. With money in hand, you are constantly improving the farm with a variety of water pump systems, lights, or generators. Forget the old nose-sized piece of land. This is the farming paradise you’ve been dreaming of.

You can also try your hand at animal husbandry. Especially, you raise cows for milk as raw materials for other processing processes such as making milk, cheese, yogurt…

With a boundless passion for money, you also built your stalls to sell and exchange goods and food instead of just a few small cake cabinets in the past. Gradually, they become a chain of shops, displaying, and trading a variety of finished and semi-finished products from the plants on the farm.

The reputation of a famous cannabis boss flies far away

That dynamism will one day make your reputation soar throughout the region. You become the cannabis tycoon of not only this village but also many neighboring villages. Thanks to your example, the peaceful but poor village in the past has changed its shape. It is much more advanced, rich, and modern now. You contribute a lot here.

To have more fun, you can invite friends via Facebook to work together to grow cannabis. All day long, a monstrous plant-growing community talks about the changes that take place in the process of fertilizing and trading. What’s funnier?

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This could be a dream world where the cultivation of cannabis reaches the approval of a whole generation and there are no moral barriers to prevent it. Play for fun because of the strange ideas, especially, the character creation is too cute. The game has fast-paced, and very exciting progress, guys. Just play, don’t think too deeply, and never imitate it. Just enjoy it, and let the game be the game.

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