Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK v3.7.1 (Max Fuel, Unlocked All Bus)

Using Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK version (Unlimited Fuel) provided , you can comfortably travel to Indonesia on the bus, not worry about running out of fuel.

Introduce about Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia is an extremely realistic bus driving simulator game for Android phones. You will be given the opportunity to become a driver, bringing people to different places in Indonesia.

Previous bus simulation games like Bus Simulator: Original were all set in European cities, but Bus Simulator Indonesia came to prominence when it was set in Asia, with more locations and features.


As a driver, you are responsible for driving, receiving and dropping off passengers at marked locations along the way. With each challenge, you will move on a designated distance. Topography, length, traffic conditions and weather will continuously change. However, the harder it is, the more bonuses you will get.

Overall, the gameplay of Bus Simulator Indonesia is quite simple. The control system is the same, it simulates quite a in detail the cockpit of an actual bus. Easy control with three keys steering wheel, throttle and brake. Of course, you also need to pay attention to other features such as turn on lights, turn signals, horns, stop signals and call for help.

Unlock more buses

Developer Maleo also simulates the most popular design buses in Indonesia. Although there are only 6 buses, they have a unique appearance, from domes, high roofs to two-story buses. But overall, if you play this game for a long time, you will feed that they appear to be using some sort of engine.

In terms of price, the cheapest one costs 100,000 Rp, the most expensive one costs 1,800,000 Rp. This difference is quite large. So, if you want to own all 6 of these buses, you will have to work hard for a long time.

Customize your bus

In addition to a diversified bus system, Bus Simulator Indonesia also built a detailed customization feature.

Visit the Upgrade, you can replace car parts, including rims, tires, paint colors, headlights, speakers, interior and exterior. The interior and exterior system has more than 30 items that you can replace or add. From headlights, Beacon lights, turn signals, wheel Mudflap, decorative flash, protective panels, dashboard, or interior curtains.

Mostly, these items are quite cheap, ranging from 20,000 Rp to 75,000 Rp. However, with hundreds of those items, it will cost pretty big money if you want your car to have a different appearance.

For some special changes, the game will ask you to download the respective packages. For example, changing the color of the car, Bus Simulator Indonesia has many options, and you can even choose background music or stick a decal with a media file in your device (Photos, audio). This is a highlight that there are not any bus simulation games available.

Three modes

There are three modes, including: Free Play, Career Mode and Multiplayer.

I will cover the Multiplayer mode first. Here, you will be connected with other players. Bus Simulator Indonesia offers two options, you can choose the server by region: Europe, Asia, Australia, India, Japan, … or let the game automatically choose the server with the fastest transfer speed. And one more thing, you need 40,000 Rp and a stable network connection if you want to play this mode smoothly.

Career mode covers a variety of missions. Its content is built quite tightly, challenging your driving ability. Therefore, it includes attractive bonuses, for the most talented drivers.

And free mode, you can comfortably play your own way. No rules, no penalties, no pressures and no duties for you. Drive comfortably like a tour, admiring the Indonesian landscape through the cockpit window.


The graphics of Bus Simulator Indonesia are built on a 3D platform, it is quite beautiful and detailed. The design team relied on realistic Indonesian models to outline streets, buildings, cities and territories to resemble real landmarks. The map is vast, and you can even consider the game experience as a trip. Besides, weather effects, day/night also help you feel like a bus in real life.

MOD APK version of Bus Simulator Indonesia

MOD feature

Unlimited Fuel

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK for Android

Are you ready to be a bus driver? Download Bus Simulator Indonesia to start an adventure across Indonesia with your passengers.

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