Castle of Illusion 1.4.4 MOD APK [Full Paid]

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Introduce about Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion is based on the original version of Castle of Illusion – the popular console game (especially Sega Genesis), released by Sega. The game stars Mickey, the main character in a thrilling journey, who is trying to rescue Minnie. In the following, we will explore the opening context. Please follow Mickey and help him find his girlfriend.


Castle of Illusion begins with the kidnapping of Minnie. Based on the signs left, Mickey found the culprit, it is the evil witch Mizrabel. She is trying to steal Minnie’s youth to become more beautiful and younger.

Mickey has entered the mansion of illusion to rescue Minnie. When meeting with the owner of the castle, he said that Mickey needs to collect 7 gems that are hidden in Mizrabel’s 7 illusory worlds. What will Mickey have to do, when the 7 stones are strictly guarded by Mizrabel’s henchmen?

Adventure with Mickey

Castle of Illusion has stages. You will go through each stage in turn with Mickey, and complete a number of goals given by the system to unlock new stages. 7 gems that Mickey needs to seek are hidden in 6 worlds, corresponding to 6 levels: The Enchanted Forest, Toyland, The Storm, Dessert Factory, The Library, and The Castle.

Mickey will face many difficulties in his journey to collect gems. Most of them came from Mizrabel’s henchmen, typically poison mushrooms, steel knights and toy soldiers. If you accidentally touch them, the character will be injured and you have to start the level again.

Fight and find Mickey’s girlfriend

The battles in Castle of Illusion are quite gentle. The character does not use weapons, instead of jumps to defeat the enemy. This mechanism is quite similar to the Super Mario Bros series of Nintendo. You will control Mickey and jump on enemies’ head to take them down. For this reason, the game is rated for players 3+ age or older. The content has no battle scenes, no gore and violence.

However, challenges continued to increase. Sometimes you will have to be alone against two steel knights standing side by side. If your jump lacks precision, you will lose. In other cases, the path leading to the transition door was blocked by poisonous mushrooms. You cannot jump on and remove them because they are protected by the rock above the head. This time, you need the red apples. These apples appear on the way. While they don’t increase your achievement points, they can be used to throw at those mushrooms, making them disappear.

In addition, on the map also appeared diamonds. They are arranged along the stage, acting as the item to guide you to the next stage. So, follow these diamonds, collect them to score achievements.

An interesting adventure game for Android

Castle of Illusion is a game that combines two genres: action and adventure. The action element manifested by fighting the witch Mizrabel’s henchmen. The adventure element is shown through the topography of the map. Sometimes you will get lost in an old forest, where there are many doors. They are linked together, so you will feel like you are lost in a maze that cannot escape. But there is a way to find the real door, leading to the next stage of the venue. The system doesn’t give any hint at all, and you have to figure it out yourself.

The castles are also very mysterious. Mizrabel created a lot of illusions, aiming to trap Mickey and make him desperate. You need to find a way to escape from this castle before the bad things happen!


The original version of Castle of Illusion is developed on 8-bit 2D graphics platform. Despite being considered the soul of Sega Genesis devices from the 1990s, it’s undeniably bad in this age. Therefore, Disney has reworked Castle of Illusion graphics for Android, based on the 3D Unreal Engine platform. Scenes in the game are also very epic, with wide angles and short videos. Players can feel they are part of this story.

Download Castle of Illusion APK for Android

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