Cat Quest 1.2.2 Apk Mod Money for Android

There are so many action games that make you feel as nervous as you are in this world. And to satisfy the requirements from gamers, in August, The Gentlebros launched this great game to meet the expectations of players and they support both versions of Android, iOS.

Interesting plot

It is said that cats and dragons were two closely related and lived in harmony, but then one day, the sister of Cat was kidnapped and the dragon was the culprit. An unwanted war has taken place, where the cats’ habitat has been devastated by dragons. The Cat was severely wounded, and the dragons took the opportunity to hypnosis him and keep him on the water.

The cats were saved by the green cat witch named Spirry, a close friend of the Cat 500 years ago. Spirits decided to help Cat in every way possible to rescue his sister.

Cat Quest is inspired by popular action games such as Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda, etc., combined with the role-playing genre, you can expect what the game brings alongside the infinite love of the scenes in the game.

Role-playing gameplay

When joining Cat Quest, you will be transformed into a Cat Knight. With the personalized cat, equipped with items and weapons system, you will go to conquer the world. You can move and attack the monsters that are blocking your way. The game has an automatic system, you just wait for the game to automatically attack the baby monsters as you pass by and click on them if you reach close enough. The limited scope of this game’s combat system increases the overall challenge level of the game. You have a limited amount of available spells and other abilities, it forces you to focus on how you approach each game rather than just perfect skills for all enemies with the skill, you can run into higher level enemies without hesitation, use the special skill to kill them more quickly, it’s easy.

With more than 60 levels of fun to experience, great mission systems and exciting rewards can keep you from leaving your phone screen for hours. Do not forget, the dragon bosses are very strong will be a big obstacle when you want to pass the stages, they are a little difficult to easily conquer the game. Sometimes with the acumen and experience available, you will still have to worry about your cat knight!

Although with the skills you have, you can attack multiple targets at once you can not expect a perfect victory if you do not prepare beforehand, you will be defeated if your knight is not been taken care before the game. Use the items you pick up during battle, or go to the store, using the coins you accumulate while fighting to get better items, making you stronger and more confident when starting a new stage.

Nice graphics

Cat Quest’s animated worlds are beautifully designed, and you can feel it when you’re wandering around in the colorful world of the game. Everything is alive, and the super-saturated colors of the world around you help keep the dream in the game world intact. Even small towns, towers, shops, caves, hills, woods and other sights that you find on the way … What really stands out is the design of all Skill, special combat skills and spells you collect throughout the game. Each spell has an animation and different attacks, and each weapon or armor is different, the style of your cat is different.

Cat Quest not only does it provide you with beautiful and smooth animations, it’s smoother that they will show you that even though it’s just in a mobile game, it also makes the adventure special became interesting.

Background music in Cat Quest is very attractive. You will often see your cat whistling to the melody when exploring the world map. Background music is fast, slow fit with speed of the game. Some areas seem more dangerous, more stressful, and in a beautiful environment, there is more optimistic music.


Although this fun-to-play story with a bit of adventure is not new, I have to admit that I really enjoy Cat Quest. This entertaining, yet fun experience from the beginning to the end is considered to be a player retention factor. Beautiful images and great gameplay make the game more prominent. And Cat Quest will be one of my favorite games this year. How about you?

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