Catapult King MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Catapult King MOD APK from the publisher Wicked Witch is known as a copy of Angry Bird. But to be honest, playing this game feels even more fun. What do you see?

Introduce about Catapult King

Shoot stones, destroy the stronghold, and save the princess from the hand of the Fire Dragon

Beautiful graphics along with strange, detailed, and eye-catching views

First, it must be recognized that Catapult King has very nice 3D graphics. Since everything is closer, they look very detailed and eye-catching. While Angry Bird prefers a side view where you can see both the attack side and the being-attacked side in one shot. Catapult King starts with a first-person view when you start shooting stones/ rocks. Then switch to zoom in on the close-up of the breakdown on the enemy side. Then return to the first-person view to make it easier to observe the range. Therefore, in my opinion, everything looks more dynamic and closer than the Angry Birds games, letting you witness more sublime breakdowns.

Rhythm and characters

In terms of rhythm, the Catapult King’s touches, breaks, and the whole destroyed system seem a bit faster than Angry Birds. I don’t like this point much because the key in these kinds of slingshots is a reasonable Stop Time. A part of it helps to observe the correct sequence of breakage compared to the same thing in real life, partly it gives me time to test the principle of each system to have a better shooting strategy next time. In Catapult King, because it is a bit fast, the stop time is not very scientific, it seems a bit rushed.

The cast of characters in Catapult King mainly appears on the enemy side. With the first-person view and the main theme of the game, on our side, you will only see the slingshot and the type of stone/ rock that is about to be shot. The opponent’s side is different. They have wooden blocks, metal blocks, and many types of soldiers with different costumes and armor. The number and arrangement of fortresses are also different in each scene, making you constantly think about figuring out the best way to “take down the twin” as quickly as possible with as few rocks as possible.

Catapult King for Android



Catapult King is an Angry Birds arcade game, but there are many interesting points and obvious differences. In the game, you will play as a hero (hidden) who controls a large slingshot with giant stone bullets. Proceed to aim, destroy the target, and take down the strongholds, large and small armies, and even the spooky Dragons that spit fire every time. Yes, you are taking the responsibility of defeating the enemy to rescue the princess of the kingdom from the famous evil dragon lord.

The world in which you live and fight is very magical. So, it is not surprising that anyone who plays for the first time is also quickly captivated by the charming beauty which is full of natural green and extremely cool. The upgrade stages themselves also have many magical elements, so the more you play, the more you get sucked in.


Catapult King has a total of 96 levels (as of the time of this writing). Each is different in terms of context, the arrangement of the fortress, and the troops in the tower. I can promise you that they are always very attractive and thrilling guys.

The score after each shot down an enemy fortress will include Stars, Ammunition, Life, Treasure, and Magic. From level 20 onwards, you will slowly unlock special spells that help the slingshot and stone bullets have more terrible destructive power, destroying the enemy’s fortress faster. Such as upgrading to a cannon, super giant stone bullets, fire bullets to shoot decisive blows into the kingdom of Dragon King.

The operation is also simple, no, too simple. By taking advantage of the first-person view, you can both raise your sling and aim at the same time because the object is right in front. So, there is no need for dotted lines to support like in Angry Birds. You may feel you are more pro lol. Players will need to control both the level and direction of the slingshot and stone bullets and then touch the screen to pull the slingshot back to determine the force of the shot. Then let go of the bullets.

And just wait for the results. There is also no stone ammo limit for each level. Because after each victory, you will get more lives. The back-up more lives, the better, because sometimes two or three fortresses are appearing at the same time, of course with less ammo, the higher the risk of a game over.

MOD APK version of Catapult King

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Magic

Download Catapult King MOD APK for Android

It is such a great shooting game with beautiful 3D graphics, exciting sound, good crash simulation, and a good design scene. It is also super light, giving you a smooth experience. This game will give you so much excitement in both visuals and sounds because the sense of space and time that the game opens is very real and colorful. What are you waiting for? Play it now!

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