Civilization VI MOD APK + OBB v1.2.0 (All DLC Unlocked)

All content of Civilization VI has been unlocked in the MOD APK version (Unlocked DLCs). Download this game to build your powerful empire and show your tactical talent through battles.

Introduce about Civilization VI

Civilization VI is the premiere sequel to the popular Civilization game series. This is a turn-based strategy game set based on the popular movie of the same name.

Coming to Civilization VI, players can interact with the world in a completely new way. Build your empire on the map, improve your culture and compete with the most famous leaders in history. Can you build a civilization that can overcome the test of time?


As can be seen in the strategy game genre, Civilization VI is one of the richest and most profound games. Your sole goal is to grow your empire over the millennia, from a primitive settlement to great power.

In order to win in Civilization VI, you must focus on building culture, religion, and science for your empire. These are the conditions that reinforce the ability to dominate the military, the opportunity to develop technology and cultural influence over other opponents.

The world in Civilization VI is not just your empire. So building the army to set up defense systems is indispensable. However, in addition to tactics, you also have to consider many other factors. The budget to maintain a mighty military, for example, is very expensive. To solve this economic problem, try to find transaction routes for the high rate of gold collection.

Also, limit the warfare indiscriminately and without a specific strategy. This not only affects your empire but also has a negative impact on the people. Exhausted, people in the game will probably rebel and your empire will out of control.

You can customize the difficulty, the number of enemies, the size of the map in general, or even the presence of the Barbarians. This is helpful for beginners who are unfamiliar with the somewhat confusing way Civilization VI works. You also have the option of playing on large maps with fewer enemies. However, you will have to accept the international transaction will take longer than before. In return, territorial expansion is much easier.

What’s new in Civilization VI?

Civilization VI added a number of features to the existing system, such as “expansion” of cities. Unlike previous versions, cities occupy only one tile on the map. It has now spread around, allowing the player to take possession of nearby areas, as long as it is in line of sight. There are many different types of soil and there are some structures that will work more efficiently on some suitable soil type. Some buildings must be built according to the requirements set out earlier. This promotes thinking as well as changing the player’s method of strategic, encouraging more creative thinking.

When building buildings, you can use the mason to get things done more quickly. However, you are only provided one mason per day.

In addition, rivals’ civilizations will develop very rapidly. You can learn about their activities by using “spy” or “gossip”. In particular, pay more attention to barbarians. Now they are more organized, able to send scouts as well as plan or raid into the city.

Civilization VI allows you to customize the ruling to best suit your style. There is also no limit to finding policy cards capable of influencing everything (from cultural outcomes to war exhaustion). The active research feature is added. Just by meeting specific conditions (related to Techs and Civics), you can maximize your research time in half.

AI is smarter

If you have played previous parts of Civilization, you can see that in Civilization VI, the intelligence of the AI opponent is greatly enhanced. If it is discovered that the soldiers of another empire are concentrated on the border, they will actively wage war immediately. They even know how to classify special troops to deal with the tanks.

If you do not want to confront the AI, you can choose the online game mode to fight with other strategists around the globe.

MOD APK version of Civilization VI

MOD feature

Unlock DLCs: All paid content has been unlocked.

How to install Civilization VI MOD APK

  1. Download the APK and OBB files of Civilization VI MOD.
  2. Unzip the folder “”.
  3. Copy the folder “com.aspyr.civvi” to the folder “Android/obb”.
  4. Install the APK file.

Download Civilization VI MOD APK for Android

Civilization VI has reached the top of the best titles of all time with the average score of 88/100. This game was even honored to win an award for the category “best strategy game of the year”. With all that in mind, I firmly believe that Civilization VI will not let you down.

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