BiBi World MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

An early version of BiBi World MOD APK is available on APKMODY. If you have a problem and cannot download it from the Google Play app market, please download the game here!

Introduce about BiBi World

BiBi World is a new online game project released by Projects-X. They have released a Beta version at the moment and it is being responded to by many players. If you are looking for an arena where you can show your talent and compete with real players, you should experience BiBi World at least once.

Compete in fun races

Basically, BiBi World is like a marathon race game. You will compete with other players on the track, trying to finish first.

In the main mode (Race Royale), the race takes place in four rounds: Roll of Death, Crazy Scaffolders, Hamster Race, and Final Race. It can be said that each race in BiBi World is like a mini-tournament. Athletes will be phased out after each round and only the top 4 players will reach the final. More specifically, Roll of Death for 12 participants, but only 11 who finished first are eligible to join Crazy Scaffolders. Hamster Race receives the 6 fastest athletes in the previous round, then selects the fastest four to continue playing. In Final Race, only the fastest player wins.

How to play BiBi World?

On the panel, there are two functions to help you perform jumps and change viewing angles. However, if you change how you use them, you can take more action. For example, by pressing and holding the “Sprint” virtual key, the character will speed up for a period of time, until he is exhausted. You will have to wait for your energy to recover if you want to continue using it. Meanwhile, if you double-press the “Jump” virtual key, you can perform a double jump, higher and faster.

However, that’s exactly what I want to warn you about. When the character runs fast or performs a double jump, it becomes very difficult to control him. The character will collide with other characters causing him to move out of the track. Meanwhile, some roads in the map of BiBi World are quite narrow, lying in the middle of the air. You can easily fall off track if you do not have good control of your character.

Always be careful of obstacles

Controlling the character becomes more difficult when BiBi World’s map is full of obstacles. Even their number gradually increased over time.

The levers are spinning, for example, which can make you move around or push you down a cliff. The giant hammers form a solid wall, making it difficult for players to overcome. However, everything has a way to deal with it. These hammers while spinning, will create a gap. That is your chance to overcome.

In addition, the cylindrical roads are also very dangerous. They are very slippery, and sometimes they can spin, causing the character to slip out.

Customize your character

In general, the characters in BiBi World are very cute. They are depicted on a 3D graphics platform, with very cute and fun expressions.

The system gives you two default characters, Bibi Boy and Bibi Girl. However, as you play and complete many missions, you can unlock 8 more characters like Bibi Boy Blue, Bibi Boy Red and Bibi Girl Purple.

The characters are basically the same. They don’t have their own attributes like speed or attack, they just have different looks. But because of that, BiBi World creates a playing field, a balanced arena. Only the quickest and most careful player can win. But you can also make your character more unique with outfits like clothes and hats. The store displays dozens of different types for you to choose from.

Play with friends through the internet

BiBi World is an online game. Therefore, you can make friends with other players, create rooms and team-up with them.

Some modes you can play

BiBi World has four game modes. Race Royale is the main part, which I mentioned earlier. The other three modes include Rocket Arena, Kart, and Football. However, these modes are not available. You will have to play for a long time and achieve special achievements if you want to unlock them.

MOD APK version of BiBi World

MOD Features

  • All Skins Unlocked
  • All Hats Unlocked

Download BiBi World MOD APK for Android

BiBi World APK is a daring online game by Oh BiBi. Here, you can compete with real players from around the world, team-up with your friends, and race together on top of the skyscrapers in the city. Many other amazing places are waiting for you, are you ready to experience the challenge?

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