Collect Bits! 1.0.6 for Android (Latest version)

Collect Bits! APK is a fun adorable adventure. The plot is quite silly but can be ignored because most importantly, the gameplay is very enjoyable. Try to play because it’s easy to get addicted to it.

Introduce about Collect Bits!

Collecting BITS to clean the world and bring happiness to mankind


Everything in Collect Bits! is told by “Once Upon a Time”. In those old days on earth, humans and robots lived in harmony with each other like loyal friends. But suddenly one day, the robot, who are inherently gentle and peaceful, naturally “went mad”, ravaged all cities and attacked people. The town is now a mess with BITS all over the place. Humans became too afraid of robots cleaning BITS.

At this time, MAYOR decided to find CHARO, a cleaner who had been close to him since childhood and had a special love for this beautiful city. After hearing the story, CHARO set out to help MAYOR clean up BITS for the whole city and bring smiles to people. So CHARO and his companion, the brave robot LUCIS set off an adventure of collecting BITS to save the green city.


Your main task in the game is simply to collect all the BITS along the way. Manipulation also only includes three basic movements: running, jumping, and throwing. But if you think it’s too simple or there’s nothing to play and challenge, you’re definitely wrong.

The first scene was easy. But at the same time, you will also notice a few “unusual” petty things. For example, this guy’s jump is not easy or exceedingly high, throwing also requires something in hand to throw. As soon as you start to find out the difficult things rekindling, the game will immediately throw you into the next series of scenes. What you are worried about will quickly come true.

At this point, the BITS cleaning adventure of CHARO and LUCIS is no longer a walk around the beautiful virtual world, but officially becomes a puzzle adventure. On the way, there are many situations that make you tear your hair out and don’t know how to overcome. I give an example of this situation for you. In front of you there is a spring which will help you jump a little higher than normal. High above the canyon overhead is a pile of BITS lurking there waiting for you to harvest. Obviously seeing them there, but to jump up that mountain floor, you need to skillfully combine several things at the same time.

Is it jumping on the springs and throwing the robot friend LUCIS to knock off the high step? I’ve tried it and found out it’s not the way. You decide to go and suddenly discover that there is an elevator in the distance, which can be taken higher. Then from above you go in the opposite direction down to get to the previous canyon hiding BITS.

What I mean here is the difficulty in Collect Bits! is not about fighting or manipulating anything. it’s about judgment and logic to find an approach to every BITS resource you see on the road. And to do that, you must try many ways. Sometimes it’s all wrong, you need to think out of the box in a completely different direction, sometimes it’s the right way to solve the problem. It’s as if your mind is constantly being challenged and riddled with puzzles. The non-stop excitement from there continues and drags you into the game for hours till end.

Adventure in a beautiful world

Wherever CHARO goes, that place is a part of an incredibly beautiful world. You will see the cool golden grasslands, the distant high mountains, the endless white snow fields, and the mechanical towns in the dark rain. In this world, wherever you have gone through and conquered, if you want, you can completely visit again to recall a certain good memory on the way. This partial freedom feature makes CHARO’s walks so much more leisurely.

Adorable enemies

In a world like this, everything would be lovely. You will also recognize yourself when you see all kinds of rebellious robots in the game. They will appear one after another, one or more at the same time, to block your path to collect BITS. With a variety of shapes, colors, and abilities such as a moving vehicle, the robots look like miniature UFOs capable of attacking you by grabbing you with its tentacles. Despite the variety of situations, most of them move quite slowly and give you many opportunities to handle. Their appearance is also quite friendly and cute.

Download Collect Bits! APK for Android

2D graphics game divided by layers to create depth effects, soft background music, clear space, lovely enemies, and neat gameplay. If you want to find a light-headed adventure game where collecting items and adding a little brain hack to find the way are the main thing without fighting too much, Collect Bits! is born for you.

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