Crying Suns APK + MOD (Unlocked Spaceships, Unlimited Resources)

You can download the APK file of Crying Suns completely free on our website. Experience one of the most desirable strategy games for Android.

Introduce about Crying Suns

Sci-fi games are no stranger. If you regularly follow the posts on APKMODY, you probably know EVE Echoes, an extremely attractive space war game.

However, if it is not enough for you, let experience Crying Suns. There is a journey around the universe and the mystery of the destruction of a powerful empire, which has a history of more than 700 years.


The beginning of Crying Suns was a space station in outer space, with a series of clone machines. This is one of the facilities of the Galaxy Empire, where the protagonist OMNI (Omni Mechanical Neo-N Intelligence) comes from. OMNI is backed by Kariban – an AI Robot who provides information and tasks against intruders.

In the past, the Galactic Empire was one of the most powerful forces in the universe. However, a different empire has recently appeared. They operate in secret, gradually destroying the history of the ruler of more than 700 years. OMNI was created with the purpose of learning about the enemies and preventing their intrusion.

What is waiting ahead? Please accompany OMNI and Kariban to find the answers!


Crying Suns is a turn-based strategy game. The context of the wars is in outer space, with a fleet of warships and advanced weapons.

You will work with OMNI and the other teammates in the group to work together to defeat the enemies. They are part of what you will encounter in the quest to understand the demise of the Galactic Empire.

When a fight begins, a table is displayed, consisting of unit cells. Every time it is your turn, you choose weapons and skills to character attack the enemy. The process continues until the forces of either side were completely annihilated. Each time you win, you are assigned a new task, and the system will unlock the next area.

Sometimes, if you want to learn something, ask questions to Kariban. He will provide detailed answers. With that enthusiastic help, how far can you go? What is the story about the end of the Galactic Empire? No one knows the result, because you are the one who holds the answer!


Crying Suns is a strategy game, so you need to have a good strategy if you want to win battles. With hundreds of characters available, you can choose how to combine characters to use different tactics.

Zendaya Singh, Sarah Howard, Ibrahim Lopez and Natalia Tsui are the first members available for your team. They possess one of three different skill levels, you can choose the right characters for the enemies you have to face.


Along with the characters and tactics, you need the most advanced weapons if you want to defeat the enemy. Rockets, artillery, guns and specialized war machines and robots. You can buy and unlock them when you have enough resources and money.


Besides the challenging series, Crying Suns also regularly organizes events to connect players. There was an achievement chart to honor the most talented warriors of the Galactic Empire. Are you one of them?

Whether or not, when you attend the event, you have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards. They are used for many purposes, unlocking resources, items, characters or maps. You the opportunity to grow your teams, and go further in your journey against those who are destroying the Galactic Empire.


Crying Suns has a simple 16-bit graphics, but not so its images become sketchy. The images, characters, space ships or backgrounds are designed quite detailed, with appropriate colors and background music. Combining these factors creates a large space, with a mysterious feeling and there is always something to explore.

MOD APK version of Crying Suns

MOD features

  • Unlocked All Spaceships
  • Unlimited Resources

Download Crying Suns MOD APK for Android

Crying Suns is being released on Google Play for $ 10.27. You can pay this fee and install it from Google Play or use the free APK version provided by us.

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