CSR Classics 3.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

CSR Classics MOD APK from publisher NaturalMotion Games, belongs to the racing game genre, which is not very strange to mobile players. But when playing the game, the unusual subtleties of CSR Classics will make you secretly admire the manufacturer.

Introduce about CSR Classics

Transform your cars from rusty shells into gorgeous icons of driving!

There are many types of cars in the world today. And like many other high-end products, some people favor the modern models, some people come back with classic cars but with quality, durability, super quality designs, and all come from famous car brands. If you want to find yourself a good collection of retro cars and watch them go on the beautiful streets, then CSR Classics is a game for you.

Collection of nostalgia

Some cars are almost no longer used because their age is too old, but their legendary value and echoes are still alive with time. The 60s, the most glorious time of the world car industry, left the next generation with cars that all must look up to. Those are Pontiac, Shelby, Ford GT40, Plymouth Superbird. Or some of the more classic models come from Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet, Shelby Mustang GT500, Plymouth…

When playing CSR Classics, you will have the opportunity to comfortably watch, rotate 360 ​​degrees, customize a bit, and then manually drive those cars on the road. In the game, there are more than 50 classic car models from the above car models. Each car model selected to be included in the game has meaning. It can be the outstanding products of the brand, or it can mark a special milestone of the whole industry or be associated with a famous name.

CSR Classics is developed by people with a lot of experience and knowledge in the automotive industry. So you can see in the game there are lots of rare car models from lots of different brands, it also proves that the enthusiasm and the time the manufacturer spend on this game.

Restore and repair your car

This is a very unique point of this game that you have never seen in other racing games.

Since your car at first is only full of rusty shells, so bringing it to racing will require a little more patience to restore and transform your car into a gorgeous high-end car. Everything in CSR Classics starts from little difference.

First, at the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose a classic car, out of a few given models. After that, you have to renovate and repair to change its current state. From an old car that is a bit mediocre (but the internal engine is super quality), you just need to change it a bit, and you have a retro, unique supercar that is unmatched. Players can arbitrarily add, edit according to their preferences and aesthetics. Paint the car, replace the rearview mirror, change the windshield, install a new wiper, redecorate the interior of the car in your own way from the most expensive and stylish items. At the beginning of CSR Classics, you have been able to do something that any car collector dreams of.

Start the racing

The racing in CSR Classics is just like for measuring and re-affirming the effectiveness of the repair. After the part to restore and fix your car, you will begin to enter fierce battles on the track. All the cars in the racing are beautiful, unique, and powerful classic cars just like you. On the road are now a series of glossy antique cars like Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Super Bee, Cobra, Mercedes 300SL, Skyline GT-R, or Ford Mustangs. Now it’s not the unique looks, it’s the super machines inside these cars that will shine in these races.

The racing section in CSR Classics has many events, divided by locality, then upgraded to the city level, then finally a country. You will be competing with many people, of all levels, even belonging to the gangs of the city. Join the race, get your name on the leaderboards and prove your super cool retro car deserves to be at the top of the list.

Play CSR Racing 2 to participate in the most thrilling races on mobile.

Graphics and sound

CSR Classics has sophisticated graphics, attention to detail. Moreover, this game has a fairly light capacity, so you can completely play on a mid-range phone. This point alone has many advantages over other battery-consuming racing games.

Sound in this game is also a commendable point. The most unique is that the engine sound of each classic car in the game is simulated very similarly to the sound of the corresponding classic car in real life. When entering the race, you can also hear hundreds of different sound details, such as the roar of the throttle, the sound of accelerating, shifting gears, braking sharply, colliding with some obstacles on the road, the cheers of the crowd… A really attractive racing arena like this will make you forget all your daily worries.

MOD APK version of CSR Classics

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download CSR Classics APK & MOD for Android

In short, CSR Classics is a classic racing game with attractive, dramatic tracks, and sharp graphics. If you’re a big fan of classic cars, you can’t ignore this amazing game. Let’s download and play this game right away!

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