Cube Escape: Theater APK + MOD v3.1.4 (Premium Unlocked)

Horror stories always exist in our life, which young people today often call “creepy”. If you want to play a creepy brain-hacking mobile game, remember Cube Escape: Theater MOD APK first, guys.

Introduce about Cube Escape: Theater

Fear from mind

The most famous creepy puzzle game on mobile

Cube Escape: Theater is the seventh part of the Cube Escape mobile game series published by Rusty Lake. In this part, the game is set in 1971, a vague time of the society. This is a fertile ground for fearful creepy stories. Following the details of the game, you will gradually discover terrible shocking secrets in a large theater. This game consists of six different stories surrounding the theater. Each story always contains one or more interesting, deadly secrets. Your task is to find out the underlying cause of each story, string everything together and reveal the truth behind this terrifying adventure.

The game will make you go mad with a series of crazy puzzles

You are a newbie, playing this game for the first time with enthusiasm and wondering how difficult it is. Otherwise, you are a veteran in the puzzle game array and too familiar with the brain hacking puzzles. No matter who you are, try out Cube Escape: Theater, you will have to admit it is really difficult.

Although it is only a part of the series (including many other famous games such as Cube Escape Seasons, Cube Escape The Lake, Cube Escape Paradox…), Cube Escape: Theater itself has its own highlights. In this theater world, Mr.Owl’s mind will capture your attention due to the complexity of the 6 stories here.

From scratch, like the other games in the series, Cube Escape: Theater will lead you into the mysteries behind the cubes. The drawings, shapes of objects or the clues leading to the secret are also similar. There are also many links with the previous parts. However, in Cube Escape: Theater, you will have the opportunity to witness the level of absurdity and weirdness mixed with horror more than other games.


Puzzle principle in Cube Escape: Theater: thinking logically to solve puzzles and situations given by the game in order to achieve the goal: find a way out of this horror theater.

Corresponding to this arduous task, the gameplay in Cube Escape: Theater is both strange and extremely challenging. You will have to interact respectively with the mysterious characters of the theater, and a variety of objects from strange to horror. You’ll have to save them, then combine them in different and weird ways to create new objects. That will help you uncover the secrets behind this theater.

During the game, you can freely move around the theater to constantly check, count objects, and find hints for answers.

Harnessing fear from mind

The first thing you must recognize when playing Cube Escape: Theater is that the game has amazingly simple graphics. But the colors, the arrangement of objects, the dignified human faces in the game always exude something strange and menacing. Excessive stillness and silence in every nook and cranny of space make you shiver and tremble. The imagination begins to let fear take over and spread throughout the body. There are times when you will find yourself shivering under the blanket playing a game in a state of nervousness, fear, and heart palpitations while the game does not have a ghost or bloody murder scenes. Fear comes from obsessions in the mind.

The fear in Cube Escape: Theater is utterly bizarre. It’s like you see a handsome guy sitting and drinking juice, suddenly he stops, and a screwdriver fell out of his mouth. Or the set of props in a show by an in-game artist is a set of human organs, a dried-out infant carcass… That kind of image, the way the character calmly behaves, makes you go down your spine.

The sound effects in Cube Escape: Theater are also very lively and reasonable, which make the player stressed and worried with a variety of deductions. Soft background music could be pressed at the right time, quiet at the right time. The effects are few but enough to give you goosebumps when needed. In short, it’s an art.

MOD APK version of Cube Escape: Theater

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Cube Escape: Theater APK for Android

This creepy game supports up to fourteen languages. This is also one of the reasons why the entire series in general and Cube Escape: Theater in particular reach so far.

Why don’t you play Cube Escape: Theater? This game can be played completely offline with small size, so you are able to continue playing whenever you want. If you are a conspiracy theorist and tend to interpret your life in in a strong and brave way to challenge yourself, then Cube Escape: Theater is the right game. Let your imagination fly away.

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