Dark Days: Zombie Survival 2.0.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold)

Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) will help you become stronger in the battle to survive ahead! Download the game to your phone and start the battle!

About Dark Days

Currently, survival games are very popular. I think PUBG Mobile is the most typical example. However, the game I’m introducing to you today is not merely a survival game, which game people fight people. But this is a true survival game, living in a world about to be destroyed by a great disaster. Now, let join in the battle to survive in Dark Days: Zombie Survival.

Calling this game is a new genre is not really true. This game is inspired by Last Day on Earth. Indeed, only the publisher Azur Interactive Game has upgraded to higher-quality graphics. And like LDOE, Dark Days: Zombie Survival also follows a fascinating storyline where you will play the main character, who directly faces the zombie disaster.


The Earth has encountered a major pandemic, in just a few months everything seems to vanish and fall apart. The city was flooded with corpses and blood. The murky, creepy landscape makes you feel hideous. Guess what happened? An unprecedented epidemic in human history, dragging people into the eternal battle to survive. Almost the entire population turned into bloodthirsty zombies. Cities filled with formidable undead like a real apocalypse. The military is forced to use nuclear bombs, but all efforts are futile.

As one of the few survivors, you are forced to leave the city to escape from the zombies. But not only that, your mission is even greater. Survive for as long as possible, kill all the zombies and light up the hope for humanity. Therefore, you must build a safe shelter, collect resources, make everything useful and fight to wipe out the zombies. The destiny of the Earth is in your hands!


Call Dark Days: Zombie Survival is a true survival game because you have to do everything to survive the longest in this zombie disaster. You don’t know how? Build a shelter and build a journey for yourself. Your journey begins in a safe place, which has no zombies. But when you start your journey of survival is also when you enter the world full of danger.

In the beginning, collect what you need for your inventory. Remember the character is human and food is essential. Some fruits in the forest very useful for your luggage. And of course, for self-defence, a stone with a tree branch is the most rudimentary so you can craft it. Later, you can collect more resources such as guns, motorcycles, bombs, … It helps you a lot in protecting yourself and fighting zombies later. Do not miss anything on the way!

Fight zombies

On the journey of Dark Days: Zombie Survival, you will encounter a few single zombies. Destroy them to gain loot and experience to level up. But do not foolishly go into the teams of zombies when you have not enough equipment needed. In their hideout, there are countless crazy zombies. Going into that is a simple way to choose death. But try a few times to see their forces and find a way to cope later. When you die, you will return to a safe area and start over.

To overcome a large number of aggressive zombies, you need a lot of high-class equipment. And the only way to make them is to level up and collect more advanced items. These items include guns such as submachine guns, AK guns, pistols, … More specifically, reaching a certain level, you can get a motorbike, a useful vehicle for moving or run away. When you are sure of your strength, break into the zombie lair and kill all those hideous zombies.


Dark Days: Zombie Survival has been upgraded with a lot of graphics with a combination of 2D and 3D images. With 2D images, a large and vivid worldview opens up in the most realistic way, accompanied by a third perspective, which gives a great overview. 3D graphics are shown in the fierce battle with zombies, the place where the zombies are made crazy and violent.

MOD APK version of Dark Days

MOD Feature

Unlimited Gold: You have a lot of Gold.

Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK for Android

Overall, Dark Days: Zombie Survival is an attractive survival game with dramatic gameplay and full of surprises. Although similar to Last Day on Earth, the game still gives you a new feeling. In addition, the game also owns a great visual system and impressive action effects, promising to bring you exciting entertainment moments. Download this game to your phone via the links below this article.

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