Dead Age 1.79 MOD APK (Paid) for Android

Dead Age APK revolves around the story of survival in a world full of zombies, where it only takes one wrong step to see death beckoning. This survival game has both tactical elements and quite attractive battle screens. Let’s play together, zombie fans!

Introduce about Dead Age

Let’s see how long you can live to experience the dark zombie world!


A zombie pandemic broke out, humanity was almost annihilated, the world was no longer alive, everyone turned into zombies. Only a lucky few survived. You will join this group of people to live in shelters. The battle for survival is intense both inside and outside the shelters.

Survival requires a strategy

In short, Dead Age is a survival game in the zombie world. The player’s task is to survive as long as possible. Through a variety of actions (crafting weapons, fleeing enemies, and building alliances, bases, barracks, and shelters), you must constantly make tough, deliberate decisions, whether outside or in the shelters.

But even a shelter is not a safe place. Food supplies are running low, injured survivors are constantly in need of care, and materials must be cleaned up regularly to keep the shelter clean. Weapons are always lacking, and it is necessary to collect a lot of resources to create new weapons to fight the zombies out there.

Sorting and choosing priorities is your task throughout the game. For example, the bunker is short of weapons, so you create some things to defend yourself and your teammates. But to make weapons, you must go out of the base to gather materials and some necessary resources. That means there is a risk of facing zombies and hostile gangs, but you must eat well before going. You will decide, choose this approach, or stay in the shelter and wait for another opportunity (which may never come).

The player’s HP is very annoying, it only heals at the rate of the available food and medicine. The less food, the less HP recovery, so you will earn for eating every day. And “Game over” is always hanging around waiting for players. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate very carefully, think carefully for the best consequences of each choice.

There is no shortage of attractive battle scenes

In addition to having to consider carefully, you will fight extremely intense zombies. The combat system in this game is similar to that in a classic turn-based combat RPG. The more you fight, the more you have the opportunity to experience a variety of weapons, bombs, traps, and the more you can be strengthened through victories.

Your enemies are mostly zombies. Once you come outside of your base, zombies will be waiting for battle. They do not come only one or two, but in groups, with more and more numbers, and attack more and more fiercely regardless of day and night. Not to mention there are still other groups of survivors out there, looking for ways to take over your base and food source. You must always be on the defensive and ready for any upcoming battle.

Enemies are also other hostile survivor gangs. Just like you, they want to survive these terrible times, so what you need, they need too. And what you have, they want to have too. Wars are fought over resources, food, and weapons. At any time, your life and that of your teammates can be at stake. Like the zombie movies you’ve seen, in this world where the line between life and death is so thin, the line between morality and humanity is as thin as smoke. So, be careful!

Different endings for different choices

The whole game is designed non-linear. If you are unlucky to lose your life, when replaying, you will see a completely different scene with random enemies appearing in different locations from the previous play.

Dead Age’s non-linear environment also opens up many different endings depending on the player’s choices. Decisions made, no matter how small or big, have an impact on the ending of the story.

Which direction to choose depends on the player’s mind. You can choose to be a hero living to save as many survivors as possible. Or you can choose to be a little selfish one who lives for yourself before thinking about those around you. Or maybe build a deeper relationship with someone in the survivor group. In the darker direction, you are the cause of internal competitions and struggles and thereby cause a series of other unfortunate chain reactions.

The beauty here is these chain reactions. The safety is not only yours but also affects the whole team, the whole group of survivors. Be careful and think carefully before taking any decision.

Download Dead Age APK free for Android

In conclusion, it is not a game with top-notch graphics and a complicated plot with many character branches, nor a landslide battle screen. But Dead Age can give you a very different zombie experience. This feeling of being alone, deciding everything, taking responsibility for everything in this desperate world, will make it extremely difficult for you to manage. Survival is therefore bolder than ever before.

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