Design Stories v0.5.23 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Design Stories MOD APK will take you deep into the world of an interior designer through a series of rich 3D contexts, situations, and scenes. And there are many more interesting things with a series of aspirational stories to be unfolded on the working journey.

Introduce about Design Stories

Be a talented architect who understands and renovates the house according to client’s wishes

Amid lots of match-3 game variations on mobile

There are many match-3 games on smartphones today. But they are not simply match-3 games with objects or jigsaw blocks like a few years ago, match-3 games now always “hide” behind a plot, an adventure, or some kind of attractive simulation. And the color matching challenges will then be a tool or an excuse for you to get the item you want and dive into the next rounds of the game.

One of the common combinations is match-3 combined with Interior Decoration. But not all those games are good. On the contrary, it is more and more difficult for players to choose beautiful, quality games to play. If you still don’t know which game to play, let’s try Design Stories which is typical of a high-quality game.

The game for house beauty enthusiasts

The first thing to emphasize is that this game is completely free, the items used to decorate the interior are also completely free. There is no “making money” element at all. So, let’s start!

Like many other interior decoration match-3 games, your task is to play the role of a young designer who meets difficult customers, finds out their true desire, and makes it come true by The art of designing. To have more beautiful items to design the room as the client wishes, you will need to handle the match-3 challenges in this game.

Interestingly, the combination of match-3 and interior decoration in Design Stories is not forced. It runs smoothly, thanks to stories and many conspiracy-theory-style events. You will gradually discover the truth through long in-game dialogues with your clients.

The playing process is therefore always attractive, even though the form and gameplay are classics.

Every client has a unique story

In Design Stories, you will meet many different clients. Each brings a story and many desires. Fortunately, the common point of everyone is that they love beauty and want their living space to be warmer and more quality. That is also the working principle that you always follow.

So, your job is just to listen, understand your clients and design the house. Then carefully observe the space inside the house, try to find suitable design solutions. Then complete the match-3 game to get the items you like. Each time you complete work and get customer satisfaction, you’ve raised your skill to a higher level. The longer the game lasts, the more skills you have, the more opportunities you have to unlock unique and more expensive items.

Not only playing games and decorating the interior, but you also need to constantly interact with the characters in the game. Because only by understanding them, you can make the right work, get good feedback and collect many reward points from customers.

Each story going through will leave players with an unforgettable memory.

Rich context to challenge the creativity of players

Design Stories will lead you through many different locations: townhouses, villas, mansions, hotels, motels, and even a loft… There are many different types of clients, like in other jobs.

Each space not only brings a unique experience but also challenges your creativity. Decorating a mansion will be completely different from changing the appearance of a motel room. Attitudes, mindsets, choices, and styles will change 180 degrees. You will find a way to adapt yourself, find the good points of each space to really live in sympathy with the host, and finally renovate the place to the best.

MOD APK version of Design Stories

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Design Stories APK & MOD for Android

If you are interested in the creation phases, turning an old space into a great little corner for its owner, you must play Design Stories. There are over 1000 match-3 levels waiting, tons of exciting life stories, memorable characters, and hundreds of diverse spaces. With such a massive amount of work, once you play, you will definitely be addicted.

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