Do Not Feed The Monkeys MOD (Unlimited Money) APK + OBB

Do Not Feed The Monkeys APK will help you to approach the ominous status of society in a humorous and satirical way. It is rare for a game to convey so many macro messages at the same time. Are you curious right now?

Introduce about Do Not Feed The Monkeys

It’s true that everyone has secrets. There are hidden big secrets or small secrets, and of course, you don’t want anyone to know. But what if one day you realize there is a snooper who is always following you through hidden security cameras everywhere. And most importantly, does he know all the secrets you keep in your life?

Do Not Feed The Monkeys allows you to do something that is a kind of crime in reality

Do Not Feed The Monkeys belongs to the adventure game genre from publisher Alawar Entertainment Inc. This is one of the most bizarre 2D Indie games I’ve ever played. Its gameplay is weird as well. Briefly, playing this game is like being a Stalker.

Your task is to act as a “Supervisor” to monitor all the actions of others through the security camera screen. And stalker also means that tracking your behavior is completely illegal. You are stalking people without the victim’s knowledge and permission. You are free to invade privacy and at the same time, during the monitoring process, you will discover many interesting secrets through the words or details highlighted in yellow on the screen. These secrets are sometimes quite normal at the fun level, which can be used to chat. However, sometimes they are earth-shattering deeds and actions that if discovered they can be imprisoned for a whole life.

Since you are the stalker, you will know all those secrets and be the one to decide for yourself whether to help or blackmail your victims. Otherwise, you can even use these captured clips to put on the internet and collect money.

Although you are a stalker, you also have your own principles of life. You will set up your own “work” schedule to balance health and “work”. Moreover, you will always be reminded of money pressure because you’ve got a nasty landlady and weird rent every 3 days.

This game still makes you wonder after many times playing

The game starts when one day, you receive an invitation to join from the “Observation” club president. It is a spontaneous organization that specializes in the “research” of activities occurring in certain habitats. If you decide to join the club, you will have the task of observing the “creatures” through the surveillance security cameras of a proprietary software called Monkey vision. This software will give you four cameras, which in the club’s terminology is “Monkey Cage”.

To maintain the benefits of members, a mandatory rule of this club is that members must continuously buy new monkey cages. After 5 days members must buy enough cages according to regulations to be upgraded to a higher membership level. Failure to do so will result in being kicked out of the club.

Three immutable principles during operation:

  • Club activities are not disclosed
  • Monkey vision software cannot be deleted
  • Do not interact directly with the ones you are observing

In total, we will have 16 days corresponding to level 1 to level 3 and observe a maximum of twenty-five cameras equivalent to about 9-11 stories.

Depending on how you handle the situation and decide what to do with each secret in hand, each story will have different endings. With such a large and complex number of stories and details in the game, even if you play it repeatedly, you can’t know all its endings. But when you have no idea, you’re always curious and interested, right?

The first difficulty, surprisingly, is not in observing the “monkeys” in the cage

It’s about how you balance your schedule. Why do I say it’s difficult? In addition to watching the camera, you still need to do a lot of miscellaneous things in everyday life such as making money to pay the rent, talking to the owner, going to the supermarket, buying food, cleaning, bathing, eating, exercising… These also take a lot of time. When you are going, you may miss some vital details. But if you keep grinding your ass on the computer, you will be hungry. It is hard to balance, isn’t it?

You also need to complete well the tasks assigned by the club (even set the priority because this is your main job). All sorts of things from investigating the names, whereabouts, habits of “monkeys” to personal information. And to do that, you must monitor all day and night, put in the effort of straining your eyes to look at the screen continuously.

The trick for you is to watch the camera for a brief time at first. You will figure out what time zone of the day is the “monkey” often doing repetitive things and it is difficult to do unusual things such as working, eating, cleaning… Then you also use this time to do your personal things and then return to the screen. The risk of missing the “golden episode” can be reduced.

Allocating the “monkey cages” so as easy to see and reasonable as possible

It sounds simple, but it’s only true at the beginning. Later when you have bought more monkey cages, you will be confused because the number of cameras on the screen is too much. Even if you have the golden details to point out, it is difficult for you to control all the details happening at the same time.

You will also be confused because each scenario in the game has a sequence of activities taking place. You must move back and forth between screen tiles to see clearly different angles of the same thing.

The rest of the conscience

Reading the very situational context of the character you are incarnating; you must also realize that you are extremely poor. You must earn every day with the scanty salary received from the other club, but the situation is being asked for money. It happens day by day. When you discover the first secret of a certain monkey on the screen, it is also time to confront your own conscience: keep it and pretend you don’t know or sell it to get money to cover a difficult life.

The decision is up to you.

Download Do Not Feed The Monkeys APK free for Android

Strange 2D indie game, pixel graphics is nothing to talk about. What is worth mentioning is the meaning and ideas that make up the stories in the game. You will choose your conscience or get dragged into the dark by the trivialities of everyday life. Are you interested in prying into other people’s affairs? If you care about all this, what are you waiting for without playing Do Not Feed The Monkeys?

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