Dungeon Quest v3.1.2.1 MOD APK (God Mode, Free Shopping)

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Introduce about Dungeon Quest

When people think of dungeons, people often think of demons and cruelties that exist everywhere. This is not a place for normal people, only heroes with courage and power can enter. For gamers, if mention to the dungeon, you may immediately think of role-playing games, where you can become a knight stormed into the dungeon to fight monsters, regain peace for the kingdom. Dungeon Quest with role-playing gameplay mixed with action has attracted a large number of participants (more than 10 million installs on Google Play). Players will transform into a hero, take part in the journey to defeat the monsters to keep the kingdom peace.


Unlike other role-playing games of the same genre, Dungeon Quest has no storyline but merely a battle between humans and monsters. With immersive gameplay mixed with action, diverse levels, players can freely act in open space. There are more than 200 screens (called Floor). 5 floors will be classified into 1 Act; 8 levels from very easy (Very Easy) to very difficult (Mythic 3), in which the player can choose the easy or difficult level to suit his abilities. Dungeon Quest opens a world full of magic, battles with the devil to stop the evil’s plot to rule the Earth.

In the process of slashing with monsters, players can pick up random items on any map that has ever been through. Use them to equip your character class with a variety of weapons and armor to increase attack, defense and agility. Besides the available tactics, players can also learn new skills, help you become stronger.

If you are tired of looting, players can use the Hireling system to pick up items automatically. However, this feature does not distinguish the level or type of items, so players often spend a little more time to classify items picked up and remove unnecessary items.

The journey will not be alone when Dungeon Quest launches a completely new Pet system. Players will choose a companion and assist themselves in the next journey. Start your adventure, clash with increasingly powerful enemies, collect the best items to get ready to fight at any time. Test your ability and level with many different dungeons and fight 4 times with legendary bosses at the end of the Act. In addition to the dungeons and missions available, players can compete with friends or rivals around the world in the intense Battle Arena tournaments.


Dungeon Quest offers three character classes including Wizard, Warrior and Rogue. If you choose Wizard, you will control a powerful character with the ability to use elemental magic. Warrior is a brave warrior with incredible defensive power. And Rogue is a smart and agile super thief, not only capable of fighting but also has the highest speed of the three classes. Each character class has different skills and development stats, so choose exactly the trend of developing strength and ability before starting the fight.


Dungeon Quest is released on mobile phones, so the game’s control keys are optimized with the touch screen. You just need to touch the virtual buttons in the lower right corner for the character to use the skills. Besides, the screen also displays some basic character indicators such as HP (red bar), MP (blue bar). In addition, on the left corner of the screen is the EXP bar, when full you will be levelled up and the HP and MP are reset at 100% and increased one level.

About Dungeon Quest MOD APK latest version

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can buy equipment, weapons and support items to gain an advantage in battles.


It can be said that Dungeon Quest is doing very well its role. With fast-paced, many dungeons and unique challenges, it can hold players for hours. Graphics, combat effects and context of the game is designed in a 3D style quite vivid. With the features that Dungeon Quest brings, it has over 10 million downloads shortly after its release. Now you probably want to be next!

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