Dungeon Shooter 1.5.4 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

With Dungeon Shooter MOD APK (Free Shopping) version provided by APKMODY, you have a lot of money to buy the best weapons in this game.

Introduce about Dungeon Shooter

Dungeon Shooter is a first-person shooter game for mobile devices. It is rated as quite attractive, having mixed some elements of the RPG genre.

In Dungeon Shooter, you will have to fight and confront fierce monsters. With attractive, dramatic gameplay and beautiful graphics, this game will not disappoint you.


Coming to Dungeon Shooter, you will control your warriors on adventures to conquer the tomb. It contains many dangers, from traps to hordes of aggressive monsters. Accordingly, when the adventure lasts, you will reach many other locations in the tomb. Each place contains new challenges, bringing exciting experiences.

Use your gun to fight the monsters and collect valuable booty. Note when shooting monsters, you must pay attention to the scope of the gun. If you stand too far and out of range, damage and accuracy are reduced. This makes you spend more time defeating them.

Explore the dungeon

The setting in the dungeons is very dark, only the centre area is illuminated by torches. So you will not be able to see clearly these monsters from afar, moreover, they will appear very suddenly. This factor is considered a rather intimidating challenge because it requires you to have a spirit of steel, not trembling, reduce the chance of deflecting the flight path of the bullet.

At the end of the stage, you will have to encounter extremely dangerous bosses. To destroy them, you need skills as well as a good weapon. If you do not want to face the boss directly, you can find the gems and destroy them.

There are three gems scattered in each dungeon, destroying them will reduce the power of the bosses. However, when looking for these gems, be careful to make sure you do not accidentally encounter pitfalls or bosses.

A small tip that you should know, do not spend too many bullets for a single monster appear. Because after that, the number of monsters appearing will increase exponentially. If you focus too much on single one then it will be difficult to control and easily lack bullets when monsters appear too crowded.


In the catacombs, you not only face monsters but also captive many rare animals. During the battle, you can rescue and turn them into pets. They are all brave animals like tigers, leopards, lions, wolves and even dinosaurs.

Having their presence in the exploration team will add strength to the journey to destroy hordes of aggressive monsters. Each animal has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should learn to use them appropriately and promote full their capacity.

You can also create your own pet using the “life” board. To create an animal requires 1 DNA and 10 genes. DNA can be earned by killing bosses.

Weapons and items

As a shooting game, Dungeon Shooter offers players a diverse gun collection and high damage. You can collect them during the battle with monsters, or use the money to buy in the store.

In addition, when you win and find the treasure chest at the end of the stage, you will have the opportunity to receive materials to craft into equipment and antiques. They are used to increase attribute points for characters.


Dungeon Shooter is designed with vivid 3D graphics. Background dungeon with monsters designed monumentally. This game shows very well the shooting action phases mixed with horror elements. The sound system will make you feel scary, from the screams, shortness of breath or the footsteps of the character in the stillness of the night.

MOD APK version of Dungeon Shooter

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can shop almost free. Repair cost is 0, gems cost is 1.

How to get money when using the MOD version

Touch the Shop icon in the upper right corner, you can buy in-game money for free.

Download Dungeon Shooter MOD APK for Android

Dungeon Shooter has small size, suitable for many types of Android phone configuration and is compatible with most Android versions. Download the game and install it on your device now!

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