Escape Logan Estate MOD APK v2.08 (Full Game Unlocked)

The developer Snapbreak has launched a quite attractive puzzle game, Escape Logan Estate MOD APK. I believe you will soon get addicted to it because of its interesting integrated story, the humanity, family elements, and the way it leads players through each different role.

Introduce about Escape Logan Estate

Solve family secrets through hidden objects!


Escape Logan Estate is a puzzle game in which you find objects and string together small stories to find the solution to a big, all-encompassing secret. But everything is much more attractive than that. Let me tell you…

In the game, you will follow the Duncan family to visit their grandfather in Logun. You will play the role of family members corresponding to 4 chapters (including one free chapter) to explore, adventure, and find answers to the mysteries here. And the grandfather’s secret will blow your mind, which explains why your father hates him so much and why the whole family needs to get out of Logan as soon as possible?

The horror keeps coming gently and gently taking over you

The scene in Escape Logan Estate is quite creepy, a bit scary. But that’s okay, at least the characters are all humans, not demons or beasts. Just rest assured!

At the beginning of the game, you will immediately feel the creepy atmosphere. In which, Helen (the mother) is constantly comforting her husband (Duncan) that it is the right decision to take their two children to visit grandpa, especially when the grandpa is also very longing for Duncan. Duncan, sitting next to his wife, sighs and utters a sentence, “Only life and death experiences can make people understand what is going on”. Something gives me goosebumps here.

When going to Grandpa’s house, Duncan’s son also says to his grandpa, “I think you are older than my maternal grandpa”. After that, Grandpa, seemingly gentle but mysterious, will say, “It was going through Death that helped me become like this.” Eww, anybody saying such a sentence might have gone through something super terrible in the past, right?

So, what terrible thing happened between Duncan and his father in the past? Why are both saying weird things? Maybe you should play and then find the answer for yourself!

Because there is only one answer, I cannot leak it even just a piece. But rest assured that there are no scary bloody jumpscares.

Easy puzzle game with not too many challenges

I’d rather call this a story-telling game than a puzzle game. Because the challenges in the puzzles are not too many or difficult. There are only some phases of solving the puzzles and finding hidden objects, but they are all at a normal level, you will not face any unpleasant or frustrating aftertaste because of not solving/finding them. You will mainly follow the Duncan family story and slowly uncover the mysteries that have been swirling around in your head since the beginning of the story.

I especially love Escape Logan Estate’s storytelling style. The game has a total of 4 chapters, in each chapter you will play a different member of the Duncan family. The way of seeing, understanding, and interpreting things around that word, therefore, is also different, which makes the storyline uninterrupted but more dramatic. You will play puzzle games, find objects easily, and follow a family story through each person’s diary. It’s interesting because each person has a different personality and way of dealing with situations. They also have their own thoughts. And it is these thoughts that will gradually unravel the story of the past, in a humane and subtle way.

Graphics always create a feeling of horror, but you will not take your eyes off

Visuals in Escape Logan Estate are made in the classic 2D cartoon style. You can still see every slightly rough line in the character’s face and actions. But they create a feeling of “organic” that is difficult to describe, making the game beautiful, cool, strange, and quite creepy. You will feel like something terrible is about to happen or a terrible secret is about to be revealed. Accompanying with the characters’ appearance is the dialogue that is always half-open, half-close. I believe that, at a time when you have to admit to yourself that your curiosity is at its peak, you will have to get through the whole game in just one night to satisfy all your questions.

The game has retro colors, everything is a bit old, a bit dark, the sound is also a bit soft, a bit sad. All are very suitable for the story we need to follow in the game. I really appreciate these delicate combinations.

MOD APK version of Escape Logan Estate

MOD feature

Unlocked Paid Chapters

Download Escape Logan Estate MOD APK for Android

Escape Logan Estate is exactly the game you need to download and play right away if you’re looking for an extremely light, entertaining game with enough depth and plot twist for you to really get hooked on the game. Now, let’s read the story with me!

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