Extreme Road Trip 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Bucks)

Extreme Road Trip 2 MOD APK is a highly entertaining car control game. You don’t have to race against anyone, just use your own dexterity to let the car go as far as possible.

Introduce about Extreme Road Trip 2

The car has a broken pedal. Fast and furious!

Tough situation for the driver

Extreme Road Trip 2 puts you in a dilemma right from the start. The situation is that the pedal is stuck so the car can’t move forward or backward, can’t controll anymore. Your task is to make the car go as far as possible with limited fuel and a stiff pedal.

The logical principle here is that because there is no need to consume much gas, it is not in normal driving mode anymore. You need to go fast, perform a lot of acrobatics, dangerous descents, and skillful landings to go farther.

Note: when somersault and dive, if you aren’t skillful, the car will be shocked and explode without any armors. Or when you can’t land on both wheels at the same time, the vehicle speed will be slowed down even faster. As a result, the distance traveled is shorter, the scores are lower, and the opportunity to upgrade the car is less.

Game play is extremely easy. Do you see two big buttons on the left and right sides of the screen? There they are. Specifically, you will perform the following actions:

  • Touch left or right to tilt the car, but don’t hold it too long, the car will lose balance.
  • Give the car acrobatics to boost nitro. Landing on both wheels at the same time will gain an extra boost.
  • Touch left and right at the same time to do slams. Perfect slam will help you OverDrive.

The key to lasting attraction

In the game you will be able to choose several types of vehicles. Each vehicle has a different price (in gold coins) and a name corresponding to its strengths, such as the compact (which is the default type for the beginning), The Mud, The Classy, The Pistol, The Racer, The Rally, The Taxi, The Muscle, The Electric, The Spyder, The Torpedo, The Snake, The Glider, The Polizia, The Formula…

A total of 78 different vehicles will be gradually opened when enough points pass through the game rounds. The principle and operation are the same, but each vehicle can cross the terrain, fly acrobatics in the air and the ability to balance when landing is different, so the game is constantly changing. You will admire their extreme abilities as you step by step unlock and change vehicles. Therein lies the attraction.

Simply, there are a lot of good things but this is my favorite

What I like most in this game is the automatic near and far transitions. When you are still fast on the ground, everything is normal enough to see the car and the obstacles like any other driving and racing game. But when you hit a hill, a small slope and the car jumps up and down. Then immediately, the angle of rotation changes. Your car become thousands of miles away and tiny like an ant. You can clearly see how you are rolling in the air, and then when you land, the screen will increase with proximity to the ground. After many times, it zooms clearly, especially when you are slamming right on the road because of a strong collision or a delicious front-end rollover.

It is this ability to automatically switch from far to near that shows all the excitement and attraction of acrobatics and brings immense excitement to players. Sometimes I play a few scenes continuously just to see myself rolling in the sky like this. It feels so good.

Graphics and sound

The play scenes are various. Sometimes it’s a hot desert, sometimes it’s a city with lights on, or a towering mountain range. Each level is a different space creating different shades. Especially obstacles, situations that constantly push you into a position to make the car stop quickly, or scatter can happen at any time. Wooden crates, rolling hills, undulating Rocky Mountains, skulls in the way, high voltage electric poles… make me really respect the creativity of the creators for this game. How can they come up with so many miscellaneous things that are so difficult?

The music in Extreme Road Trip 2 is not too diverse. The background music is just a vibrant, exciting techno style, and the sound effects simulate vehicle physics such as collisions, real flying, high, landing hard and then exploding the roof, clearly heard, and heard. However, it’s extremely attractive. Score ten for the sound.

MOD APK version of Extreme Road Trip 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins/Bucks


You can buy anything, even you don’t have enough Coins and Bucks. The quantity may be negative.

Download Extreme Road Trip 2 MOD APK for Android

In short, Extreme Road Trip 2 requires quick eyes, quick hands, and outstanding dexterity of the player. Everything happens very quickly, in an instant you can overdrive, but also in another instant you are dismembered. The game is so diverse, concise, and extremely stimulating. Are you ready? Download it via the links below.

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