Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer MOD APK (Free Purchase)

So many farming simulation games have been launched within the last two years. After a hard day’s work when you might listen to a bunch of negative news, there’s nothing better than playing a farm game. Let’s try this competitive farming game, Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer to relax your heavy brain.

Introduce about Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer

Invite friends to farm together for fun

How does Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer simulate farming?

Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer is a farming simulation game from the publisher Mageeks Apps & Games. For farm games, you know, there are only 3 main categories. The first is role-playing to explore the surrounding open-world like Animal Crossing, the second is a type of gentle and leisure arcade farming simulation game with a top-down view, and the third is the type of doing everything by yourself (driving all the cars, using all the farming tools to get the experience of a real farmer).

Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer belongs to the third category. But interestingly, in this game, you can play and compete with many other online farmers. You will also experience controlling agricultural tools from a first-person view. It will be very exciting!

The game’s progress

Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer will help you build a “farm empire”, and make you the greatest farmer in the country. But to get that glorious day as well as the great name, you will start from zero like any other farmer.

In this game, you will explore the vast world through a miniature map with each area to be covered. You can drive up to 60 different types of agricultural vehicles such as trailers, harvesters, wood-cutters, agricultural trucks, etc. Before you use each of these, they can all be freely customized until they satisfy you.

You also manually plant, take care of your alternating crops with all kinds of agricultural products such as corn, wheat, canola, potatoes, sugar beets, grass… Each type has its own characteristics of planting and harvest time. Do not forget to monitor the price of agricultural products and make some decisions (about which agricultural plant to plant in each season to harvest at the right time; whether to specialize or intercrop with some other agricultural products).

Oh, there is also livestock. It is also up to you to decide for yourself what kind of livestock to raise: cows, pigs, and horses. Cultivation is the main work, but suitable livestock is equally profitable.

After harvesting and preliminary processing, you will be a trader of agricultural products and deal with different markets to earn money, improve farm tools or buy new machines to continue your farming journey.

And finally, when developing the farm to a certain extent, you will have to hire employees, workers, and assistants to help you manage everything inside and out. This is also the beginning of the aura of a farmer.

The multiplayer mode is too attractive

In Particular, you will be able to play multiplayer mode. Feel free to invite friends, family members to play with you or compete with farmers everywhere. You can join hands with them to work, harvest, and trade to make the farm development process as fast and as strong as possible. Planting, plowing, fertilizing together to harvest quickly and have a lot of money. Just listening to it made me feel excited. How about you?

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Graphics and simulation

Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer uses all 3D graphics in the first-person view. Not confined to a small space or dim top-down view like some other farm games on mobile, everything in this game is extremely open. From a new view, you will enjoy the real feeling of a real farmer when seeing everything stretching out in front of you. Taking advantage of the first-person view when driving farming vehicles, you will get a clear view which is extremely effective to do the job.

The simulations of day and night, weather, and scenery in the game are also very impressive. You can both harvest rice and listen to the sound of rain falling on the container of the truck. You can watch the sunrise while picking fruit in the field. The feeling is quite realistic, and to be honest, it’s rare for a farm simulation game to be so well invested.

MOD APK version of Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer

MOD feature

Free Purchase

What should you do?

You can buy money and VIP (by real money) in Shop for free.

Download Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer MOD APK for Android

The farming simulation game with a first-person view is too open. It has a large map free for farmers to show off their skills. Playing alone or with other players is equally fun. The more, the merrier, the faster you collect money.

Download Farming PRO 3 : Multiplayer now and invite your friends to form a farming association!

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