Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World MOD APK v1.80 (Damage, God Mode)

Today, we introduce to you Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World MOD APK, an attractive pixel survival multi-mode game.

Introduce about Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World

Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World is released by ONESOFT developer. This is a quite famous studio from Vietnam. They have a lot of successful products in both domestic and international markets. Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World is a new product that they released not long ago. Immediately after its launch, the game received the attention of numerous gamers around the world.

The story

Actually, Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World does not have a very clear story. You only know that the dark forces are threatening the peace of the Earth. You will control your hero to fight the enemies of the dark forces.

Simulation gameplay with many elements

Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World is developed with gameplay that combines many different elements. Introduced as a simulation game, but you will experience many other elements such as action, shooting, survival, PvP combat. You will use different weapons, combined with other equipment such as armor, hats, and pets to fight the enemy.

How to play the game is extremely simple. You just need to use the circle button in the left corner of the screen to move the character in any direction. You touch the surroundings, rotate to change the angle of view, and adjust the target to shoot the gun. When the crosshair aimed the enemy, the gun will fire automatically. So, you just need to find a way to shoot properly, the character will automatically defeat the enemy.

Three modes for you to choose from

The story mode

In story mode, you will be with your main character adventuring along through the storyline. You will have to face zombies, monsters everywhere. To defeat them, you need to have the best equipment, the best weapons. And most importantly, your aiming ability.

Survival mode

Join the survival, you are thrown on a deserted island and have to find a way to survive in this place. There will be many dangers lurking around you, danger that can strike whenever you panic. Therefore, this will be a mode not for the faint of heart.

PvP sniper mode

This is the most popular player mode in Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World. You can participate in sniper battles in real-time PvP. Your opponents are no longer stupid bots, but instead are other players from all over the world. This will be an extremely exciting fight for you!

Unlock skins, maps

Although the graphics and images are somewhat simple, in fact, the game’s skins system is carefully invested. According to estimates, there are nearly 200 skins for you to customize the character. Make your character super cool with the costumes of zombies, pirates, Egyptian mummies, Roman warriors or even a beautiful nurse.

The environment in the game is also extremely diverse with more than 100 different maps. You fight on beaches, mazes, snowy mountains, … and explore the beautiful environment of Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World.

Minecraft style graphics

It is not difficult for you to recognize the familiar visual style in Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World. That is the familiar Pixel style of the popular Minecraft game for many years. However, the images in Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World are designed more modern than Minecraft. Thanks to that, you will see a sharper and more eye-catching image in the game. With modern 3D graphics, combining 360-degree multi-dimensional rotation, you will have an unforgettable experience with this game.

MOD APK version of Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • No Ads

Download Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World MOD APK for Android

In general, this is a pretty impressive game with diverse gameplay, eye-catching images. Right now, you can download Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World MOD APK to experience it!

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