Flippy Knife 2.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Throw the knives! The game is both safe and entertaining, but it is easy to get mad because it’s so frustrating. Who has a pure heart and can withstand inhibitions, play Flippy Knife with me!

Introduce about Flippy Knife

Do you dare to throw a knife?

It is an action game from the publisher Beresnev Games. I don’t understand why they called it an action game, but that’s how people describe it in Google Play. Flippy Knife, does it sound familiar to you? Does it sound like the legendary game that has made many people smash their phones and throw away their tablets?

There is a disguise and a big trick

First, I must admit that this game has a kind of admirable disguise. The name sounds like an action game with “Knife”. But when it comes to “Flippy”, I start to have doubts. Entering the game, I feel the music is soft, the space is quiet, the colors are elegant, but hiding behind them is a trick. In that peaceful setting, the way the game poses a challenge and forces players to overcome it is a mystery. You can get lucky and win it incredibly fast, but that chance is just in the minority. Most of the time, failure comes to you. And those failures will pile up and drive you crazy at any moment. The game is like a volcano of emotions, accumulating and waiting to erupt in that way.

Flippy Knife MOD by APKMODY



Flippy Knife is considered to have similar gameplay to Bottle Flipping but the feeling of inhibition it gives is as intense as Flappy Bird. It’s exactly an entertainment game rather than an action game.

The gameplay is very simple. A 2D screen appears, in front of you is a knife sticking on a wooden shelf. Your task is to watch and throw the knife to the right target. The goal is to stick the knife into another piece of wood when it drops. Oh, that’s all. Those of you who read this may say that I am overdoing it. You may think “As easy as this, children can still play, there’s nothing to be upset with”?

But NO. Let me continue, and you’ll see how hard it is.

To throw the knife on the right target, we must calculate carefully, and be very patient. Simply because failure will come continuously.

Attractive game mode, feel free to try

The game has a variety of game modes with many different types of challenges. And to open a new game mode, you must have enough knives. Some interesting modes are as below:

  • Boom Mode: you have to break the boards to detonate a TNT bomb. There are only 3 throwing knives each time. You must look carefully and think carefully. Because if you don’t hit the target, the bomb doesn’t work, and you lose your life, then you have to start from the beginning.
  • Arcade Mode: you have to deal with a lot of wooden boards with different heights. And each time the knife is thrown and hits a certain wooden surface, coins will be collected. The more difficult position and the farther the wood surface you hit, the more coins you will get. Arcade has no limit on the number of throws. And whenever you fail, you will play that stage again, so there’s no fear of having to play again from the beginning. The secret for you to play this mode is to observe the dotted aiming curves carefully. Customize the angle and height to best suit and then throw the knife. There is no need to rush because the faster you are, the easier it is to go wrong. Well, when throwing a knife or another weapon, for each spin of it in the air, you will also get more coins depending on the type you are using. With these coins, you can buy many new knives.

In addition to these two main modes, the developer also continuously offers daily tasks. When completing them, the reward is not small at all. You can take advantage of these sub-missions to buy many new knives to play the two official modes above.

The game also allows you to freely try out with many different types of tools, up to 35 types including knives, sword charms, axes. Each type will have a different size, shape, and weight. In each game mode, you can freely choose what kind of weapon you like. The higher you go, the more coins you get, the more tools you can buy. Then you can find a suitable type for your aiming ability.

Graphics and sound

Although not too prominent, it is enough to attract many players. It is a simple, gentle (but easily get mad) entertaining game. The weapons are sharp and standard. To find a game like the Flippy Knife is a bit of a rarity. I really like the set of 35 weapons in this game.

Each passing scene has a certain change, not too much and outstanding but still adds a certain excitement. Plus, the color tone is quite bright, and the transition between light and dark also makes things a little more interesting.

Visual, lighting and sound effects are really good in Boom mode levels. When the bomb activates, a large explosion occurs on the screen. This moment is a combination of the exploding and crashing effects of the surrounding structures. The light flashes fiercely accompanied by a startling Boom sound. It’s also been a great experience.

MOD APK version of Flippy Knife

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You will get a lot of money after spending.

Download Flippy Knife APK & MOD for Android

Should we play Flippy Knife? Absolutely YES. Especially for entertainment to kill time, this game is the best. Play fun, but remember that however crazy you are, don’t throw the phone. LOL.

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