Florida Interstate ’86 MOD APK for Android

Florida Interstate ’86 APK is a racing game from the publisher Welcome to the ’80s. In the game you play as a racer, participate in tournaments, drive on different tracks in the US in the 80’s. Every road is very poetic.

Florida Interstate ’86: The most romantic racing game

Do you like a “slow and poetic” racing game?

Florida Interstate ’86, sounds like an ’80s track. Reading the game’s name, I felt peace. Or at least foresee some romance things to come.

Florida Interstate ’86, essentially still a classic racing game, but incorporates the stunning views of the roads of the US in the 80’s. At the beginning of the game, of course, you can choose your favorite car. There are dozens of classic style sports cars with different colors and shapes. Each vehicle has its own characteristics, you can read these short descriptions on the screen before making a selection.

Once selected, the game will lead us to beautiful paths. This is when you truly admire the beauty of Florida Interstate ’86. There are many tracks, and each has its own design, unique and extremely beautiful. Imagine you can watch a racetrack across the strait, everything in the two sides of the road just faintly appears as you are walking on the clouds. Or another road passing through the big city at night, the bright lights around will make your heart slow a beat.

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Gameplay is slow, gentle, unlike a racing game

In other classic racing games, you must be rush, always in a fighting stance, competing fiercely with the opponent and against time. Here, things are the complete opposite.

Instead of competing every centimeter with other racers, here you just have to leisurely run and enjoy the surrounding scenery. You can rest assured that your opponent cannot “win” the stunning scenes of the game. Race while watching the beautiful sunset on the beach. Are you interested? The longer you go, the more you have the opportunity to collect more points.

The points and items system in Florida Interstate ’86 is quite unusual and “poetic”. You collect many cassettes to chill with the sights and music. Think of it, there is nothing better than a brilliant sunset on the synthwave/chillwave music of the 80s.

No matter how romantic the scenery is, don’t forget your mission is racing. So be alert to curves or sections that require sudden acceleration as required by the roadside signs. You get a bonus for every correct. This bonus point is used to upgrade and customize the car after each race.

The destination is also gentle, with nothing to stress. Just a few little lines on the marker line. That’s all. The game is no different from an art exhibition. Competition, awards, and other things are just a side factor.

Graphics are beautiful and nostalgic, music is chill

Graphics are a powerful weapon of this game. The 3D views in the racing tracks are vivid, detailed and beautiful. Based on real-life road sections but, of course, adding a few more brushstrokes to make it more poetic. And even though day, evening, mountain landscape, highland plains, all are stunning in every detail. I remember the majestic sunset in the middle of the sky. Do you believe there are games with beautiful scenes that make you sob? Florida Interstate ’86 is just such a game.

Music is also the thing that makes your heart vibrate with each beat. Have you ever sat in a convertible, raised your hands up, shouted in the wind and heard the music of the 80s? If not, try it at least once in your life. If you don’t try it in real life, at least do it in this game.

Amid the immense landscape of the sky and earth, everything blends together. The sound of the 80s musics, resonates far away, loud, and low, the melody of a past time, of what is in a golden age. You feel the space is bigger, the distance is more beautiful, and everything around seems to stand still, there is no boundary between space and time, between people and scenery. All melted in overwhelming emotion

Download Florida Interstate ’86 APK for Android

I talk a lot about the game, I just want you to try Florida Interstate ’86 like me. After playing, you will feel your soul is so poetic. And then, you just want to throw it all, pick up your backpack and go. The most beautiful racing game in the world I have ever known. Download and play Florida Interstate ’86 APK here, everyone.

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