Forager 1.0.13 (Paid) free for Android

Forager gives you an open world with classic 2D graphics, allowing you to explore, exploit and collect resources. You can download Forager APK file for free on .

Introduce about Forager

Since its debut on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2019, Forager has quickly become a gaming phenomenon thanks to its addictive adventure and exploration gameplay. This game is like a cocktail, blending the best quintessence of the games The Legend of Zelda, Terraria and Stardew Valley.

After a long wait, Forager was officially released on Google Play for $ 7.99. Now, players who love to explore and create can continue the Forager journey on mobile and tablet devices.

Exploit and collect resources, build your island

In an open environment sandbox game like Forager, exploiting and managing your resources is crucial to your growth. Starting from scratch, you need to mine and collect wood, stone, metal, and gems to build your own island. Like Minecraft, you are allowed to create and do whatever you want.

As one of the tops paid games on Google Play, Forager has relatively slow-paced gameplay. It helps players feel relaxed, not under much pressure on the journey to explore the lands in the game.

The character also needs to eat and rest to keep his health bar from dropping too much. Use resources, craft tools to help you mine faster. Do not forget to craft armor, weapons to be ready to face the dangers that are stalking you on this island. Building a base helps protect you from outside dangers, and gives you a place to store resources.

Explore the world of Forager

HopFrog, the developer of Forager said: “Forager is an addictive idle game, but it also quite quirky. Your job is simply to explore, gather resources, craft, solve puzzles, find secret locations and build bases. If you feel your work is done, keep buying more lands and continuing to explore”.

Most of the time in Forager, you’ll wander your island, searching for resources you can gather. Your resources can be regenerated, so don’t hesitate to visit lands that you have mined before. Pay attention to timing. Some monsters were active at night. You need to stay alert if you don’t want to be attacked by them.

In addition, Forager cleverly integrates puzzles, dungeons and monsters along your journey. The game’s mission system also helps your journey become seamless, connecting what you have learned to create a big story. If you don’t like playing on a given mission, you can set your own goal, then work hard to accomplish it. In Forager, nothing can stop you.

After you feel that your land is no longer attractive, use the money you earned to buy another land, then start a new journey. Currently, Forager has more than 20 lands for you.

Classic but addictive 2D graphics

Don’t let Forager classic, simple 2D graphics fool you. In this lovely little world, there are countless interesting things waiting for you to discover. The vaults are obscured by bushes, the gem ores are hidden at the foot of the mountain, stories no one has found. You have the chance to be a part of the Forager world, a place for adventurers who love to explore and build.

Download Forager APK free for Android

If you are fed up with a small, stuffy office, want to find a large, peaceful land to relax and do whatever you want, please come to Forager. Not just an ordinary sandbox game, Forager also has an engaging storyline. Few idle games can keep players immersed in it for hours, but Forager has left players completely conquered by cute images, interesting secrets are cleverly hidden in-game environment.

Forager costs $ 7.99 on Google Play. You can consider downloading the APK file of this game for free via the link below the article.

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