Gate Of Mobius 2081 (God Mode, Unlimited Mana/Stamina)

Gate Of Mobius MOD APK is a role-playing game, combined with real-time 3D action shooting, developed by Goblin Gamer Company. This fairy-tale-inspired game with Anime-style bright graphics will make you fall in love from start.

Gate Of Mobius: Fairytale characters protect the world together

Fairytale characters are close to our childhood

Gate of Mobius Mobile is a game inspired by classic characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, with bright anime graphics to recreate the fairytale world full of fancifulness.

It begins when the Fairytale World is at peace, surrounded by a dark mist one day. An evil force is rising and wants to take over this World. You will join other heroes to find ways to save the fairytale world and eradicate evil enemies.

At the beginning you can choose from one of the following powers: Hunter, Knight, Mage, Alchemist, and Archer. And of course, if you choose another hero, the fighting style, attack, weapon, and a variety of stats will change from the start.

With each fairy tale character, you can also customize the look. For example, the boy Jack (in Jack and the Beanstalk), which always wears pull-top shorts, helps him move flexibly. Then in here, you can dress Jack up as a noble or an adult knight. Looking at familiar characters in a completely different image, promises to give you a unique experience.

And if you are still not satisfied with what you have, want to change to another character. You can still do it easily by trying to complete a chapter of the old character. The game will bring you new characters. With each chosen character regardless of the circumstances, through the short dialogue on the sidelines, you will understand a part of their past, also a secret hidden in the Magical Fairy World.

Simple gameplay, the character moves completely freely

Gate of Mobius is a horizontal screen role-playing game, expanding the player’s field of view in different directions. Sometimes from the top, sometimes from the front, and sometimes from the perspective of someone else. This is also the intention of the developer to fill the player’s eyes with fierce battles between characters and bosses, especially when you play the role of a mage, shoot out rays of magic. Looks very eye-catching.

Your manipulation in the game is just touching the points on the screen to move and use weapons to attack enemies. The weapon’s complexity and power completely depend on the points and items obtained from the adventure before.

When playing, you can freely move in 6 different directions, nothing stops you. So you can freely explore the fairy world, collect items, learn the storyline, meet the characters you love.

Many fun modes to play

Playing Gate Of Mobius, if you do not like to play alone with AI, you can team up (or group) up to 4 people, each of them will play a different role. Teaming up with your team to go on journeys and battles makes it easy to overcome challenges and bosses, so your progress is much faster.

When playing with AI, the game also has a lot of fun. You can choose any character to play. Flexible change at any time. With enough items and points, you can unlock new characters to make the journey more interesting. In this game, you never get bored.

Cute, lovely chibi graphics

I have asked myself this question many times before deciding to download the game to play. Why are knights, heroes designed in a cute way? To make the game soft, playful and more accessible to players, the developer has chosen a cute chibi graphic style. Looking at the characters, you can relive the fairy tales that you read from your childhood.

Graphics effects are also very loved by players. The evidence is that the movement, back and forth, fighting of the characters is very smooth, natural transition effects, unique scenes, each place has its own distinct characteristics. And you know what, the voices of each character in the game come from the emotional voices of famous voice actors.

MOD APK version of Gate Of Mobius

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Unlimited Stamina

Download Gate Of Mobius MOD APK for Android

Welcome to the fairy world! Are you ready for adventures with characters you loved from childhood? Download now Gate Of Mobius MOD APK via the links below and start playing today!

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