Goat Simulator GoatZ v2.0.3 MOD APK + OBB (Full Premium)

Transforming into a goat is an interesting experience, but it’s even more interesting if you transform into a hero goat, go around, fight with full equipment and guns like in Goat Simulator GoatZ APK.

Introduce about Goat Simulator GoatZ

Once a goat, forever a GOAT!

In simulation games, there is no shortage of weird titles. The essence is to help players do the “impossible”, turning fantasy into reality. One of them is man-turned-animal games like Goat Simulator GoatZ.

Goat Simulator GoatZ is a simulation game from the publisher Coffee Stain Publishing. In here, you not only transform into a goat, behave, walk, eat, look around like a real goat, but also go beyond the goat’s authority when standing out to fight with zombies and many other monstrous forces.

Goat is the hero of the zombie war

Actually, there have been some animal simulation games before, but coming to Goat Simulator GoatZ, you will meet many interesting things for the first time.

Because Goat Simulator GoatZ includes the zombie theme together. So the background of the game is the post-apocalyptic world. So goats are not only goats but also heroes. With a wide variety of weapons, equipment, swords, spears, bows, and guns of all kinds, your goat will be at an unprecedented level of pomp, when it can withstand a universe full of the zombies around.

But your goat is still just a goat anyway. So the basic needs are still a top priority. Your goat still needs to find food, drink, go around to observe everything, look for self-defense items, and then he can confidently face zombies.

When playing the game, you must remember to constantly feed your goat, regularly at most 5 minutes at a time. It is also important to keep a balance between survival stats and constantly find valuable items on the way, or kill zombies to accumulate points. The more points it is, the more chance of opening new goats, with better abilities and powers. The excitement is therefore always new and always surging at each level.


Initially, the goat just has very basic skills such as running, walking, spitting, eating, turning … like any other normal goat. But through your item hunts and several successful confrontations with zombies, you’ll find your goat can do a lot more than that. A surreal fantasy movie begins to emerge. Your goat begins to be equipped with helmets, armor, weapons on their backs, and things and begins to look like a heroic warrior, alone in the middle of a lot of ​​zombies.

Not only collect objects on the way, but when reaching a certain level of intelligence, your goat will also be able to create weapons. You can create any self-defense item you’re thinking of, as long as you gather enough items and materials.

Moreover, your goat after unlocking is still very strong, has many veteran fighting skills and extraordinary strength, which will help a lot when coping many times with a group of zombies. Even your goat can turn people into zombies, shrink human heads, hover around and wreak havoc on the world mercilessly.

All of the above operations are performed based on fairly simple operations. A cluster of navigation keys on the left, right are action buttons. It only takes a few minutes to get used to it. Now let’s start the journey of being a goat.

Graphics and sound

Goat Simulator GoatZ is a testament to the great combination of crazy ideas and a simulation game. The physical mechanism of each movement of the goat, the movement of the surrounding environment, the way to simulate the goat’s reaction to each object that can interact on the road… everything is in harmony. Not over excellent in terms of graphics, but in particular in terms of simulation, Goat Simulator GoatZ has done its role very well and created a lovely, close, and also very surreal goat image.

The sound is pretty amazing. The background music is sometimes mellow, sometimes thrilling, changing continuously depending on the progress of the game. Each move of the goat is always accompanied by a suitable sound effect: the sound of hooves when jumping on the ground, the sound of chewing food, the sound of the goat spitting, the sound of archery. These sounds are also part of the excitement throughout the game.

Maybe you like Goat Simulator.

Download Goat Simulator GoatZ APK free for Android

3D simulation game with beautiful images, good physics simulation, and very surreal. Goat Simulator GoatZ will help you fully experience all levels of funny emotions when transforming into a goat doing all sorts of weird things. And there are many more surprises. If you want to know what the surprise is, let download the game to play here.

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