Goat Simulator Payday MOD APK (Full Version Unlocked)

Have you ever thought one day you will find yourself turning into a Goat and robbing a bank or becoming a Flamingo and shooting down villains on the street? Sounds like a horror movie, right? But you may do that in a real simulation game, Goat Simulator Payday APK.

Introduce about Goat Simulator Payday

Transform into a “street gangster”!

Made by a famous weird company, how can it be normal?

Goat Simulator Payday is a simulation game from the publisher Coffee Stain Publishing. This game maker is famous for a series of famous weird games. So, when hearing the news that Coffee Stain had launched Goat Simulator Payday, many gamers waited to try it out even though not knowing what it was about.

And as expected, like its housemates, Goat Simulator Payday has very weird gameplay and progression. Roughly, you can choose to play as one of 4 animals including Goat, Flamingo, Camel, and Dolphin. And you go on destroying the human world, doing all the crazy things you can. The game is mixing the animal simulation genre with the street gangster theme.

Playing this game, you don’t expect to find something called “logic”. Because with Coffee Stain, there is no logic at all. Their sole point of view is to make the most monstrous game possible to take players from one surprise to another. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it’s very annoying, but players must keep playing because the game is too attractive. Goat Simulator Payday is a part of the company’s already popular Goat Simulator series, but this time things seem even weirder than before.

Unusual main character

At the beginning of the game, you are a Goat being held captive somewhere that looks like a zoo. But not willing to stay here, you decide to transform into one of the remaining three animals, Flamingos, Camels, and Dolphins in wheelchairs to find a way to run away from this place. After escaping from the zoo, what are you waiting for? The vast world outside is waiting for you, let’s go wild. And so, depending on the situation, you are free to choose one of the four characters above to mess up every corner of the human world: steal cats, bombard houses, meet someone and kill that person right away, or even rob a bank.

Interestingly, each animal you are incarnating has its own characteristics, strengths, and levels of weirdness, no one is the same. Dolphin is in a wheelchair and can knock over anything in his way and climb on any surface. Mr. Goat is capable of using professional weapons. Flamingo, besides the ability of flying, also has long legs to run away from all the most dangerous characters (such as the police), sometimes can read the thoughts of the opposite person. Finally, Camels can spit on any person/anything on the road and make people dizzy with this dirty water.

I’ve always wondered about why it’s so difficult for these animals to enter the automatic revolving doors of some buildings. Every time they go in and out of the building, they keep twisting, jamming, shrinking legs, entangling horns, and getting stuck on wheels. Passing the revolving door is like passing a new mission. But maybe that is something to remember.

What happens after the upgrades?

Well, after accumulating money, you can buy some unique masks for yourself. In addition to bringing a creepy feeling to the player, this mask also helps our animal character disguise, change his identity to escape the pursuit of the police. Or even simply buy and wear it to look cool.

Getting more money, you can upgrade your character into mutant beasts with even more monstrous levels than the original. There are 14 of these mutant beast characters. And you know, you must mess around so much to get this number 14. Each time changing the shape is one time the excitement skyrockets. It will be a huge motivation whether you are seriously playing this crazy game or not.

Every mission turns you into a real street criminal

You will get different missions. At first, it was just a case of a simple criminal like a gangster breaking the village. But soon, it will upgrade to the real mafia doing many famous robberies. On the road, nothing can stop you. Whether on a mission or not, you can set fire to anything unpleasant on the road and even attack innocent people.

Because of so many crimes in such a short time, you will definitely be chased by the police. Find a way to escape. Steal any car along the way, dodge on the road at the speed of arrows. After escaping from the police, the character continues his crime spin, excitedly and without regret.

Download Goat Simulator Payday APK free for Android

The game is an open-world 3D animal simulator with a street-gangster theme. If you think you’ve played a lot of weird games, let’s enter the world of Goat Simulator Payday to see if you can stand its level of monstrosity.

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