Granny 3 APK + MOD v1.1.2 (Dumb Bot/Menu)

Granny 3 MOD APK is the sequel to the Granny horror mobile game series from developer DVloper. This time, the evil family of Granny, Grandpa and Slendrina has a new “home”, which is a large old, ruined castle. You play as a captive victim in this castle, must find a way to escape within 5 days.

Introduce about Granny 3

Can you escape from Granny and Grandpa?

Horror story with zero plot twist

Unlike the previous parts, Granny 3 takes place in the grounds of a large castle. At the beginning of the game, when you are sneaking into the dark castle, Grandpa crouched suddenly appeared behind and knocked you unconscious. Opening your eyes, you find yourself in a dark cell. Thinking you could only wait to die, suddenly, you find a screwdriver that can help unlock the door.

When you are done freeing yourself, you will receive many more instructions from the game. If you don’t complete those requests quickly, Granny and Grandpa may find you. Perhaps, you already know the ending.

You gradually understand that to get out of here, you need to do a lot of things, not simply go around exploring this castle. Search the surrounding cells, find keys and different objects on each floor such as hammers, maps, slingshots or even an anesthetic bow… And you only have 5 days corresponding to 5 chances to get out before it’s too late.

The attraction from a horror game seems too ordinary

Since its first launch on the mobile platform in 2017, the Granny series has created an underground wave in the mobile horror game addict community. The plot is no secret, not difficult to understand, the graphics are also quite simple, the sound effects are basic. But it is this simplicity that does not need to think much that makes the game so attractive. Especially when you’re tired of brain-twisting deductions in today’s horror games.

Granny 3 in particular or the Granny series in general is also famous because of the very life logic in the story. For example, when you accidentally drop something, Granny immediately appears. Instead of running from floor to floor and finally giving in, you are smarter, you can get under the bed or a closet to hide in, wait for her to leave and then continue the escape. Maybe, that’s what you will do in real life, if you are a main character.

Another example, if you are caught and thrown into the cell again, you will see a bear trap. And from now on, every time you want to escape and walk around the castle will become much more difficult. Just like real life logic, the guards will become more on guard once you have successfully escaped once.

The operation of playing Granny 3 on the phone is very simple. The left hand bottom corner of the screen is a navigation joystick, you use it to control the direction of the main character. When you see pickable items, other keys will appear on the right side of the screen.

Many difficulty levels for you

  • Easy is the easiest level, Granny and Grandpa move very slowly. There are not too many obstacles, the elevator in the castle works normally, so there is less uncertainty.
  • Normal: the two main characters move faster, more jumpscare and more unusually damaged items.
  • Hard: full of three main characters, always appears unexpectedly. Just one second delay, you die.
  • Extreme: try this level when you are ready. I’m not brave enough to try it yet.
  • Practice: Granny and Grandpa are all “on vacation”, and only Slendrina is left in the house, so feel free to explore.

Some tips for new players

  • Every time you accidentally drop something on the floor, prepare yourself because Granny will appear immediately (rarely is Grandpa because his ears are too weak). But every time he shows up, something happened because he is more powerful, always hold a pistol in his hand.
  • And when you encounter Slendrina, it is best to turn away immediately because just looking into her eyes for a second, you will stiffen and stop moving.
  • Teddy is very important. You should remember information about this character.

Another note for you guys when playing this game, once you have identified the clues and how to get out of this evil castle, try to focus on that goal, don’t waste your time. For example, if you think a car is the best way to escape, you should focus on finding lost parts and fixing the whole car instead of worrying about other miscellaneous items such as food, locks, documents…

Game of great memories, goldfish brain contraindication

Granny 3 is not for the faint of heart first, nor is it for those with super short memories. Because finding an item is not the end, but sometimes it is just the beginning of a series of other things.

For example, if you find the padlock key, you have to remember which room it is, which object is in it, and what floor it is located on. And in a dark and gloomy castle, with every floor the same, remembering exactly where to put the padlock key is not an easy task.

Simple but truly haunting graphics and sound

Granny 3’s graphics have a lot of changes in the context and detailed objects in the game. But in general, the background is simple, the image is dark, and everything is covered with a dark, horror tone. Graphics are not the strong point of this game, but the horror element and the real attraction lies in the gameplay and story progression, so it doesn’t matter.

The sound of Granny 3 is similar to the previous part, just light, discrete piano notes but really goosebumps when listening. This unclear, menacing sound combined with the ghostly appearances of the Granny trio, I’m telling the truth, anyone who is weak in the spirit can sometimes collapse and faint. Don’t turn up the volume while playing this game at home – alone – when it’s raining.

MOD APK version of Granny 3

MOD feature

Dumb Bot

Download Granny 3 APK & MOD for Android

This game belongs to the simple horror game genre, but enough to make my heart flutter countless times. Warning! Do not play when you have a weak heart or poor memory, or when you are alone at home. Granny 3 is a minimalist mobile game but very realistic and fully satisfies the elements of any horror game addict. Download the game here.

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