Hell Driver APK + MOD v1.5 (Unlimited Money)

If one day, the city where you are in appears a mad man, armed, frantically robbing cars, bombarding, and fighting against the authorities. Will you be curious? Let’s play Hell Driver MOD APK to play as the mad man in the heart of the city.

Introduce about Hell Driver

The madman in the city!


Hell Driver is a shortened version of GTA 5. Instead of a thug with a stormy life, in this game, we have a mad man in the middle of the street. And instead of performing difficult tasks like robbing banks and that, this man will now be a “soldier”. He destroys whatever he touches, shoots wherever he sees. He will take on missions from gangs and start wandering around the street to do work and collect money and buy a bunch of things he likes.

The mission can be something as trivial as robbing a blue motorbike on the road, or more violent, he kills all those who hinder him from stealing the black car in front of him. Of course, he will be constantly pursued by the police and even, the criminal is so dangerous that the police are allowed to shoot as soon as they see him. The chase is therefore always in a thrilling and suspenseful position every second.

But because he was such a crazy maniac, the policemen and the patrol cars couldn’t scare him. He still does what he wants, taking on task after task without any hindrance from anyone. The main rule in the game: do whatever, the worst the better the more points, with the heavy weapon in hand and the car running on the road.

The experience Hell Driver brings is very strange. It is the kind of excitement, guilt, and satisfaction of the “animal” in people. For example, the madman raised his flamethrower and burned everyone he saw on the street, only to rob a car parked nearby.

Speedy ​​race

Playing the villain and thinking too much is not good. So I’m back to talking about the speed hobby of this mad man.

About the cars in Hell Driver, there are many types of cars that make the madman stand still and have to rob to get it. When he sees a satisfactory target appear, he will use the weapon in his hand to shoot a shot at the owner of the vehicle. And he kills people standing nearby, then jumps right into the car. Then there are the moments of enjoyment. He drives through the deserted 3D streets and passes the police cars that are tailing. Until the new vehicle is discovered, he continues to find a way to take it and go on a mission.

In this game, there are also super fast supercars like Nimbusover9k and a series of super cool cars from motorbikes, 4-seater cars, racing cars, 7-seater cars… Just jumping on each car and enjoying the feeling of driving around the city is already a great experience.

The controls are a bit confusing, but the 3D movement makes up for it

My general opinion when starting to play Hell Driver is that the layout of the control buttons is a bit confusing. Agree to shrink the size and spread them to the four corners so that the player can enjoy the entire spacious and comfortable space in the center of the screen, and make sure no objects or characters are obscured, but Hell Driver didn’t do it very well. So the control buttons at each place such a thing are a bit disjointed and quite difficult to manipulate. In general, if you want to play this game well, it takes time to get used to it. Once you get used to it, it will be easier, but it is quite difficult at first.

In return, the movement of the character in this 3D world is very smooth, flexible, and also quite responsive. So the phases of fighting, shooting, killing, kicking people, stealing cars, driving crazy on the highway … take place easily and are eye-catching.

Equipment, vehicles, and weapons

This mad man has many different identities. The name alone is very unusual: Fireman Overall, Space Tanks… Each character has a unique outfit and a special base weapon. After the missions, he will accumulate Gems and Experience Points. These two things can bring more possibilities in the future: upgrading weapons, upgrading skins and buying supercars.

Well, you don’t need to buy the cars at first. Because our mad man can completely do go around plundering every car he likes and shooting and killing everyone he finds annoying. So if it’s not a supercar, he doesn’t need to buy it.

Gems can also be used to upgrade weapons and equipment, but if you don’t want to spend it, you can keep it to buy something else. Because the appearance of this mad man and his weapons are already so cool and strong.

I like to spend my time in the game going around exploring this huge 3D world, and doing crazy things, and then driving around and seeing things. It’s more fun than just killing and trying to earn money.

MOD APK version of Hell Driver

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Hell Driver APK & MOD for Android

In short, I love this Hell Driver game. It doesn’t have to be as complicated and thrilling as GTA5, nor is it as monotonous as a regular 3D shooter. Crazy, freedom, breaking all the rules of life. Freedom to the point of madness is what you will experience when playing the game.

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