Hobo World 2.17 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hobo World MOD APK is a role-playing simulation game from the publisher DN company. In the game, you play as a homeless person trying to survive in the big city. Life is too difficult.

Hobo World: Living is too difficult!

In Hobo World, you survive a huge storm, you lose your memory completely, and have no identification, no home, no belongings but a name (entered by the player). You are just a homeless person. You have to start from Zero by learning several things such as letters, how to write, how to find a job for money to buy food, personal belongings, and to find a place to live … All those things require your best attempt. You need to accumulate money and gradually integrate with life.

Hobo World will show you that surviving in this world is not easy. Some people choose to surrender, some choose to try the best while some choose to go to sin for a living … Who would you be?

Hobo World MOD by APKMODY


The ladder of survival and your choices determine your future

Based on the law of survival and the progression of Maslow Tower, your character will have 3 indicators to measure “yourself”: Health/ Food/ Happiness. Every job you do will increase points in one of the above indicators. At first, with nothing on hand, you can choose to do whatever you can as long as you can get food and drink and a place to sleep. After that, you have to find a stable job, even with low money, to buy necessities. When you have a little money in hand, you will realize your health is having problems. Therefore, you must find solutions to take care of yourself in both the short and long term. When you have much more money, you will think about the more complex needs and aspirations such as: what happiness is, how to be happy, how to make people realize you among the crowd.

The above may be a simple theory. However, since this is a role-playing simulation game, you can make your own choices without thinking too much about the consequences. For example, even in the poorest stage, you might even think about spending your little money to buy a puppy to be your friend. Now it is obvious that what you are looking for is not food or sleeping space or health but Happiness.

And this is when the game shows you the fun. When you feel happy, the choices that open up in the immediate future also change, in a much more positive and generous direction. That is a testament to “A merry heart goes all the way”.

Gameplay is extremely flexible, it’s all about your thoughts and choices

In addition to a light animated background which is changed by each level of the players, there are all details shown in the form of lists, with information about the job, options, marks, and value of each option. You just need to touch the screen, select and keep going from one decision to another.

I had a flat thought when playing this game. If I don’t have parents who raise me and teach me to be a true person, will I be able to overcome all my personal challenges to live with nothing at hand like this guy? I don’t know. Suddenly, I appreciate what I already have so much, and I also realize that I am much luckier than many people out there.

Graphics and sound of Hobo World

According to many players, Hobo World is considered to be shaped in the Minecraft style with animated vivid images. I think that the inherent simplicity of Hobo World has enabled players to focus wholeheartedly on thinking, choosing the opportunities ahead to support themselves.

The colors in the game are not complicated and they are perfectly mixed. The main and sub details are matching, which helps to highlight a change in players’ thinking and choices.

Throughout the game is a gentle background music with almost no special sound effects. All focus on one thing: how to strive and survive in this difficult life.

MOD APK version of Hobo World

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money.

Download Hobo World MOD APK for Android

Yes, to live is to fight. It is the fight of everyone. The lower the starting point, the more difficult the fight will be.

Download Hobo World MOD APK and play now!

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