Home & Garden: Design Makeover APK + MOD 0.3.6663 (Unlimited Boosters)

Become a real farmer, meet interesting friends in Home & Garden: Design Makeover MOD APK, a match-3 puzzle farm game by Goodgame Studios.

Introduce about Home & Garden: Design Makeover

Match-3 puzzle games are getting more and more interesting every day. Not only as simple as Candy Crush Saga, but they also integrate storylines with building elements for players to show their creative talents and designs. Such games are very successful in the market, some examples such as Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and Home & Garden: Design Makeover that I am about to introduce below.

Home & Garden: Design Makeover was released by Goodgame Studios last year. Although not really complete, the game has millions of downloads on Google Play. A really impressive number!

Addictive gameplay

Home & Garden: Design Makeover is a typical match-3 game. You will solve puzzles, match them according to the rules of horizontal or vertical rows to remove them from the board. In the process, you will receive experience points along with the bonus.

As you level up, new content will be unlocked. First, there are areas in your house, then gardens and new items. In this way, you will always feel that Home & Garden: Design Makeover has new things to explore. You will find it hard to leave the screen once you have played this game.

Over time, the levels of the game become more difficult. You will have to complete more requirements when solving match-3 puzzles, while the number of moves is limited. Then, you need to apply tips to create special items. For example, when combining 4 items of the same type, you can create items that can destroy a vertical or horizontal row. With 5 items, you can create an item to explode and destroy the surrounding items.

The top players still have many moves when their goals are reached. Each rest move will turn into a special item on the board and destroy many items on the board, giving you lots of bonus points. Based on the above factors, Home & Garden: Design Makeover will give a 1-star, 2-star, or 3-star rating for the level you just played.

Demonstrate your ability to design

Besides the puzzle element, Home & Garden: Design Makeover also has an interesting content platform. In it, you play as Benny – the heir to the house that the deceased grandmother left. Many places have been damaged; you will have to repair them. At the same time, you can also replace and install furniture to make the house more beautiful.

Home & Garden: Design Makeover has a diverse interior collection. Thanks to that, you can create a home in the style you’ve dreamed of for a long time. Do you like wooden furniture or a sofa? Should the wall be painted in a monotonous yellow color or have a pattern added?

Also, you have a garden of your own. You can grow your favorite crops like pumpkins, carrots, corn, or cauliflower. It would help if you also built protective fences to make sure you don’t get wild animals and prevent your straying pets.

Play more, then build and design your garden

In fact, every job in this game is associated with a challenge. You will have to deal with challenges to be able to do something. And, of course, they are linked. For example, building a fence, pieces of wood will appear on the board, preventing you from collecting items. You will have to eliminate them to score more points and complete the challenge. If you want to raise sheep or pigs, they will appear on the board as well. You will have to collect the required quantity if you want to adopt them.

In general, Home & Garden: Design Makeover always brings a new feeling and has something to explore and conquer. You will have to work harder to maintain the house and the garden, raise animals.

Meet nice, friendly neighbors

In the countryside, the peasants are usually very friendly and love each other. You can also meet and chat with Lydia and Sarah. They will guide you and show you many things. But sometimes, they also need help. So, please always interact with each other and help your neighbors take care of the farm.

MOD APK version of Home & Garden: Design Makeover

MOD feature

Unlimited Boosters

Download Home & Garden: Design Makeover APK & MOD for Android

In general, Home & Garden: Design Makeover is not a match-3 game with new gameplay and content. But for those looking to entertain and satisfy their passion for gardening, they can play this game like a real farmer. There is much interesting content waiting for you, including quizzes, stories, new friends. Please download the game and start building your dream garden!

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