Huntdown 0.1 MOD APK (Paid Content Unlocked)

Huntdown is an offline shooting action game from the publisher Coffee Stain Publishing. In the game you play as one of three bounty hunters hired to clean up the gangs that is messing up the streets.

Introduce about Huntdown

Only mercenary hunting for bounty has much motivation to fight fiercely like this.

Short plot, just about a bounty hunter

Huntdown is about three bounty-hunting mercenaries who work for the Shimamoto organization. Once selected, each of them will step into a vehicle or enter a secret location to receive the mission from the computer screen. In it is the voice of a character they called “Mother”.

This mother is very cold, seems to be the boss behind all the work of this Shimamoto organization, but completely does not show her face. You just see a masked old woman knitting sweaters, talking quests with one of the three hunters. In each scene, mother always emphasizes the mission of Bounty, the enemy they are about to face, and of course emphasizes the importance and reward of completing the assigned task.

If you just listen to it, the plot seems superficial, right? But actually, to play this game (not to mention play well), you will need a lot of concentration and seriousness. Because other than the simplicity in the plot, other things are not simple at all.

The difficulty of Huntdown players

The first difficulty is the context. Based on real events in the 80s, the streets are filled with flashing neon lights. The perspective is a bit like the past decade. All characters and the surrounding space are made on the classic 16-bit design. Some people will find it extremely pleasing to the eye, because this classic image helps them relive the memories of their childhood years. To young players, those scenes seemed too foreign. You know, playing games but encountering strange scenes, it always takes a while to get used to.

As for the gameplay, just watching the trailer, not playing yet, it can be seen that Huntdown is a combination of the classic Contra, the legendary Robocop and the unforgettable Blade Runner. All the famous names from the past. Huntdown has done a great job as a mixer, mixing and taking things to the next level, engaging, concise and clear. In particular, it is more suitable for mobile platforms.

Typically, the operation in the game is simply two clusters of left and right emulator buttons below the screen. On the left is the navigation button, on the right is the selection of weapons and skills. When there is only one weapon or one attack skill, there is nothing to say. But if the number of enemies increases exponentially, and you have quite a few weapons in your hand, choosing a suitable combo in a split second is not something everyone does well.

The third difficulty is the enemy. No matter how bravely you fight, how skilled you are, when you go alone against thousands of enemies, with more and more numbers, the possibility of victory will be narrower and narrower. As in the beginning, there are only a few rioters, you can kill them with one bullet. But later on, they can skateboard, armed with knives, sniper rifles, even heavy machine guns. They are even organized with many strange tactics. The more you play, the more you have to let your mind focus and strategize more deeply.

Moreover, you will know what the real challenge is when confronting the boss. They’re not the flat brain type where you can keep firing bullets without thinking. They are like online players, capable of thinking and changing their attack according to the situation. In my opinion, this is a very good point of the game, showing depth and clear tactics.

In addition, playing this offline shooting game, you absolutely do not know what is waiting for you ahead. There are all 5 levels in the game, but they are all designed to be randomly interwoven and not linear. Every replay is different, and there are no hints at all. Everything can become a fatal accident for you, from enemies, terrain to external factors.

Characters and power-up system

Each mercenary character has its own story. Choose between three characters including cold-blooded female commando characters Anna Conda, robot John Sawyer, Robot Mow Man. Not only different in appearance, but each character also has their own unique strength, skills and play path.

For example, Ana Conda uses grenades, Mow Man specializes in machine guns, and John Sawer likes to use Katana swords. And yet, on the road, if you meet a few cars somewhere, you can also get in the car, start and run to chase the enemy. The vehicle system here is also quite detailed, from motorcycles, cars to luxury cars.

The power-up system in the game is also quite exciting. Many weapons other than the basic one such as Chuck Kunai, Boomerang and Tomahawks… will appear one after another along the way but note that with limited ammo. And you can only carry one type of gun at a time, so you need to consider which type to fight the enemy in each level, and how you will have to combine that weapon with your own skills.

Terrain, graphics and sound

Another advantage for us, though, the terrain is really difficult as I mentioned above. But in return they also help us escape many times. You can hide behind a stack of tall crates, step behind a door, or take advantage of an existing ladder to jump over the enemy’s head… As the landscape becomes more complicated, the more enemies there are, you will realize how to take terrain advantage as a strategy to defeat the enemy.

To add excitement and also evoke a bit of retro feeling in its 16-bit graphics, Huntdown designed an extremely catchy soundtrack. The music in the game is a harmonious combination of hard rock and electro (typical of the 80s). In addition, there are unique sound effects, highlighting each weapon sound when moving, the dance of the characters, especially the explosion effects. All are very overwhelmed.

MOD APK version of Huntdown

MOD feature

Paid Content Unlocked

How to unlock paid content?

In the game, buy paid content as usual. You don’t lose money or anything.

Download Huntdown MOD & APK for Android

Exciting, fast-paced shooter game, retro graphics, cool characters, vibrant and exciting sounds. Are you ready to face street gangs, bounty hunting with three super cool bounty hunters? Then download Huntdown and play it now.

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