Hyperforma Premium OBB 0.9.37 free for Android

Hyperforma Premium brings you an abstract 3-dimensional virtual space where you search for unanswered mysteries.

Introduce about Hyperforma


The plot of Hyperforma Premium is set 256 years after the destruction of human civilization. All that remains after the great disaster is endless cyberspace where humans can access and explore. However, most of the adventurers left and did not return.

The game starts with a hacker. He, like everyone else, is trying to go online in search of new things. He will interact with artificial intelligence systems, crack security to find new spaces. What is at the end of cyberspace? Did this hacker find something groundbreaking? Please join him to find the answer in this game!

Interesting gameplay

Hyperforma Premium is in the entertainment category, however, it is not as simple as breaking blocks like in BBTAN by 111%. The content of Hyperforma is designed in more detail, with interwoven puzzle elements. That means you will have to use a bit of logic to be able to win al the stages of one game.

Hyperforma screenshot


Hyperforma Premium divides content into individual chapters. You will have to collect a given number of keys in order to unlock the next chapter. If not, you may have to replay some of the previous levels to get them.

The goal in each level is to hack data. In it, the data blocks are protected by the artificial intelligence system. You will have to break data protection blocks to steal them and continue going deeper into cyberspace. Breaking these blocks is not really that difficult. The character will fly around the target, he will launch an attack each time you click on the yellow circle icon on the screen. Until you break all the protective blocks, you can attack the data block and get them.

Show off the skills of a talented hacker

The place you’re exploring in Hyperforma is the three-dimensional cyberspace. That means blocks of data can attack from many different directions. While the character is moving around and looking for weaknesses or holes, you can rotate the block of data 360 degrees so that the character attacks the desired location.

As far as experience I’ve had after more than 10 hours of playing Hyperforma, most data blocks have a weak point, i.e. an area with a thinner security layer. You can rotate the block of data at an angle that matches the attack angle of the character, so he can steal data much faster.

The security system is more and more complex

If you are also a hacker or tech-savvy, you will find that as technology develops, security systems are built more and more tightly and with more layers of protection. Therefore, it becomes more difficult and time-consuming to hack or steal data of a hacker like you.

As simulated in Hyperforma Premium, the representations of the security layer are the protective blocks that are mounted around the data block. It can be the cubes surrounding the data block, or the hexagons forming a circle, continuously spinning around. Of course, they usually have more than one layer, even 5 to 7 very thick layers. You rotate these blocks in 3-dimensional space to find weak points, then constantly attack them. If your ability to observe and calculate attacks is good enough, you will easily get data without spending too much time.

Hyperforma Premium has no time limit and attacks per level, so it is only a matter of sooner or later to get a block of data. However, you always have to shorten the time you find it to feel you improve with each level. Observe carefully and use your logic to find the data faster. You will receive experience and keys corresponding to the achievement.


Hyperforma Premium has been awarded two valuable awards GTP Indie Cup and Grand Prix, thanks to two gameplay elements and graphics. As the above contents have shown, the game has creative, new and entertaining gameplay. Besides, the game also has a very beautiful graphics background, which has received many positive reviews from critics and gamers.

Hyperforma follows the Indie trend, and because of that, its graphics very amazing. The lighting effects and context in cyberspace stand out, etching into the mind of players that this game gives them lots of emotions and unique art spaces.

What’s more in Hyperforma Premium version?

Hyperforma is a free-to-play game. However, to play the full content and features, you’ll need to pay to unlock the Premium version for $ 4.99. APKMODY gives you APK and OBB files of Premium version completely free. You just need to download and install according to the instructions to complete the game installation.

Download Hyperforma Premium APK free for Android

What is the world of endless network hiding? Join the Hyperforma Premium game to start your adventure like a hacker. Show your talent for breaking into systems, stealing information and travelling to new dimensions!

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