Idle Ants 4.3.1 MOD APK (Free Upgrade)

Download now Idle Ants MOD APK (Free Upgrade), where you command an army of mighty ants to invade the world by feeding them everything.

Introduce about Idle Ants

Surely many of us have crazy when our favorite foods are “attacked” by the ants. That’s a really bad thing. However, have you ever taken the time to see a colony of ants eating something? Surely you will find it very surprising and interesting when an ant can carry objects many times larger than it. Furthermore, ant colonies often come in a row, looking extremely disciplined and organized. Very interesting, right? So why not try to play Idle Ants to build a strong colony of ants and command them to bring everything back to the nest?


Idle Ants is an entertaining arcade idle game of Madbox. As mentioned, your task is to command and develop ant colonies so that you can eat everything. The gameplay is very simple. Initially, the ant colony with only a small ant to bring all the food back to the nest. Every time you bring food to the nest, you receive some money. This money is used to develop the ant colony become bigger.

Idle Ants Gameplay


In general, the gameplay of Idle Ants is nothing too outstanding. Even in the early stages, the rhythm of playing is very slow when the colony of ants is small and extremely slow. However, as the ant army grows stronger, the speed will be faster. You will find them eating everything in a blink of an eye. They can even eat a giant aeroplane.

Unlock food and areas

The screen system in Idle Ants is extremely diverse with each level brings a different food to ants. Besides familiar food such as sausages, hamburgers, cakes, fruits …, Idle Ants also offers many unique and strange “dishes” such as leaves, dollars or even planes.

In addition, the levels in Idle Ants are divided into many different areas. Completing an area helps you to unlock a new area. When you move to a new area, you have to develop a new colony of ants from scratch. However, ant colonies in the previous area are still active and bring in a specific amount of money over time. From the original house, Idle Ants takes you to places like forests, beaches … It is a journey for your colonies to “conquer” the world.


You can upgrade ant colonies in 3 different ways, including:

  • Speed up the ant colonies to make them work faster.
  • Buy more ants to increase the number of ants.
  • Power up so they can carry more food in one trip.

As mentioned above, Idle Ants has 3 upgrade systems. It is to develop a large colony of ants in number, speed, and strength. After each upgrade, the next upgrade will cost more money. Compared to the other two upgrades, strength upgrades cost more money. When powering up, your ant does not look bigger, but it can carry more food on its back. And the amount earned is also increased many times.

The more you upgrade, the more effective your colony of ants working. A giant cake will be brought back to the nest after a while. Through that, the process of world invasion will be faster.

What benefits does advertising bring you?

Most people are bothered by advertising while playing games. Idle Ants too, you have to disconnect from the Internet to have a smoother experience. However, advertising in Idle Ants is more beneficial than annoying. You can get support like increasing 20 ants or doubling your income in a period of time by watching short advertisements.

In addition, advertising also helps increase the amount earned after completing each game screen. It helps you significantly shorten the growth of ant colonies and maximize your income. I think you shouldn’t miss this.

MOD APK version of Idle Ants

MOD feature

Free Upgrades: You can upgrade even without money.

No Ads: Play the game without have to see ads.

Download Idle Ants APK & MOD for Android

Overall, Idle Ants is a simple game with repetitive gameplay, and sometimes it makes you feel bored if you play continuously for a long time. Because not many people spend hours just watching the ants bring food back to the nest. Therefore, the game is suitable for times of boredom or recess. Even when not playing, the amount of money is still increased.

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