Island King APK + MOD v2.43.0 (2.42.1 / Mod: No ads)

If you love community games with simple and novel gameplay, Island King APK is a great suggestion. This casual game has similar gameplay to Coin Master MOD APK, a very popular game of Moon Active. In the game, you will play the role of a pirate with the task of plundering the islands in the sea and building an island for yourself.

About Island King

The free game of publisher Forever9 Games has a very unique pirate style. This publisher has not had many outstanding games in the market, so they are very enthusiastic about this product. With so many exciting activities that allow you to play online with friends, Island King is predicted will be as successful as Coin Master has ever done.

Build your island

The main character – Luna and her two close friends have an exciting adventure. When they returned, they realized that their village had been heavily looted and destroyed. Her relatives and friends were also captured by pirates. She and her friends participate in the adventure of finding relatives in the village and rebuilding their home island.

When starting with Island King, you will have a small uninhabited island. You start building and developing your island from the smallest things like planting a tree. After that, you can continue to build houses, ports, shops, … or even build a pirate ship. When you feel your island is too small, buy new islands. Your friends may have huge islands, don’t forget to visit them!

Lucky spins

Like Coin Master, what you do depends on your luck. The most important feature of the game is the lucky spin, which allows you to get coins or loot the islands of other players. After each certain time, the lucky spin will open allowing you to perform any action. If you win coins, you will receive that amount.

Pirates of your friends’ resources

When you win Attack or Steal, another player’s island will float on the water and you can attack them. When you spin to Attack, you will attack your friends’ islands and steal their resources. Thanks to that, extremely interesting battles between you and your friends will happen regularly. Trust me. When you open Island King and see your island destroyed after one night, that feeling is not pleasant at all.

Don’t forget to protect your island. Other people can do the same for you if you are too unlucky that day. You can protect your island after looting of other players when you win the Shield icon. Destroy your friend’s island, rob a lot of coins and rebuild Luna’s hometown.


When playing Island King, you have the opportunity to meet and compete with players around the world. But the most interesting thing is the “civil war” between you and your friends or family members. Certainly, everyone will have extremely relaxing moments when playing this game.

Download Island King APK for Android

Island King has stunning graphics with colorful. Extremely cute characters are like Disney cartoon characters. Besides, the game also has numerous other features such as Zodiac Signs, Garden island or Chief Recruitment. A lot of extremely interesting events are waiting for you to discover!

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